Survivor: Tocantins

The Poison Apple Needs to Go

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 19, 2009

We stand by our idea of giving the hot people immunity until Day 21.

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Posted without comment: "I feel like I'm dealing with one of those like church women at my church that go every Sunday and wear these hats but they ain't on the up and up." -- Candace

So remember earlier, when we were trying to decide whether the feelings between Candace and Coach derive from love or hate? Yeah, about that. It's totally hate. Both of them are trying to rally troops to their side in voting each other out. Candace spouts of the quote above in referencing Coach's lack of effort in the immunity challenge, while he discusses her venomous nature with some tribe mates. Whoever loses, we win. But Candace sure does look better in a bra.

It's time to play It's Anybody But...Anybody. The show spends ten minutes showing negotiation after negotiation between the various people from the loser tribe. Sierra had seemed like the most likely choice, and we still suspect that she is the favorite (or not favorite). Given the way that Coach and Candace have divided the team, however, two or three votes could sink pretty much anybody. We're about to find out who's running the show at Timbira.


The surprise of Tribal Council comes when Erinn gets overly defensive while Jerry is talking. As he discusses the genesis of relationships, Erinn perks up and cuts him off. Probst immediately picks up on this overreaction and asks her what button of hers has been pressed. She is non-committal in her response, but our suspicion is confirmed almost immediately. Erinn has sold out Candace, someone we had considered her only ally in the game, in order to curry the favor of the rest of the group. The conclusion to be drawn is that Coach is in power, but we believe that Tyson and Debra are letting Coach think he's in charge for the time being, but will assuredly shiv him later. What matters for tonight is that Candace votes for Sierra, but is surprised to discover that poorly spelled variations of her own name are contained on the remainder of the ballots. The most shocking is the fact that Erinn has sold her out. This creates a lot of intrigue for the next couple of episodes.

Of course, what really matters here is that Taj is married to Tennessee Titans legend Eddie George.

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