Survivor: Tocantins

The Poison Apple Needs to Go

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 19, 2009

We stand by our idea of giving the hot people immunity until Day 21.

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The other big news for this tribe is the alpha male and alpha female, bitchy Candace and creepy Coach have sparks fly over cooking tendencies, of all things. The actual subject matter doesn't really matter, though. The subtext of the fight is twofold. The first is dominion, as each one wants to build the tribe in his/her own image. The other is that there's a thin line between love and hate. Their abrasive behavior indicates either genuine dislike or significant sexual chemistry. We hope it's dislike, as we're pretty sure their firstborn would bear the number of the beast.

Remember Gary Hogeboom on Survivor a few seasons ago? Remember how Gary Hogeboom fought so hard to make sure that no one knew he was a wealthy former professional athlete? Taj decides to go a totally different way with it. In case you haven't read her biography, Tamara "Taj" Johnson was a member of Michael Jordan's favorite band, SWV (aka Sisters With Voices). Her band has sold 15 million albums and was nominated for a Grammy. Johnson married an athlete named Eddie George. You may know him as the guy who won a Heisman Trophy at Ohio State as well as a four-time Pro Bowl player in the NFL. He's a member of the elite 10,000 yard rushing club and a potential Hall of Famer. Gary Hogeboom would hide this sort of information.

While sitting around camp, Taj says, "Hey! I'm married to Eddie George!" It's a bit more involved than that, but not much more. As a couple of the boys in the tribe inquire about her husband's profession, she calmly states that he is a football analyst for college as well as the pros. Already knowing his name is Eddie, they ask her what his last name is. She calmly responds, "George." This blows three of the four boys' minds. As Stephen looks on in confusion, later confessing he has no idea what an "Eddie George" is, Joe grows more and more confused by what Taj is saying. He keeps waiting for her to say, "Psych" or something like that, but she never does. The three guys who know who Eddie George is suddenly realize they're in the presence of a very wealthy woman. And they don't even know about SWV yet. This makes for absolutely fantastic television, but her handling of this makes us think she doesn't care about winning Survivor. We know that Gary Hogeboom is screaming at the television right now.


It's Probst time! And he's here to announce that today's challenge will be a combination of reward (fishing equipment) and immunity. The winning tribe also gets to send someone from the other team to Exile Island. Apparently, there will be some sort of Exile Island twist as well. We won't learn what that is until after the challenge is over.

This challenge is particularly brutal. When the teams arrive, it is lightly raining. By the time the game begins, it's a monsoon - and it looks a little bit cold, too. What the challenge amounts to is basically a game of full-contact tackle basketball. Teams are trying to score baskets, but opponents can use any means necessary to prevent points from being scored. Candace scores first, moments after viciously tackling Sydney into the water, then trying to drown her. Candace does not lack for killer instinct.

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