Survivor: Tocantins

The Poison Apple Needs to Go

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 19, 2009

We stand by our idea of giving the hot people immunity until Day 21.

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Midway through Round 2, Sandy gets confused about what game they're playing, and starts ripping of Erinn's bikini top. She then catcalls over to the folks watching from the sidelines. We're guessing Sandy has worked a bachelor party or two in her day. Tyson scores and gives his team a seemingly insurmountable 2-0 lead. Erinn then spends the next ten minutes adjusting her bikini.

Taj gets personal this round, gaining revenge for the earlier treatment of Sydney when she hurls Candace into the water. Clearly, Taj has learned a few things about running with the ball from her husband. It's also clear that she's never dated a basketball player, because she can't get the ball anywhere near the goal. After a series of misses, Sydney gets an offensive rebound and socres her team's first point.

Round four sees Probst berate coach for his lack of effort and dying stamina. Other than that, round four is relatively uneventful until JT scores and ties the game at two points apiece. The next team to score a basket will win. Both teams have their opportunities to win, but Tyson and Sierra both shoot air balls. Sydney just misses, but Stephen finally realizes that he outweighs Sierra by around 100%, discarding her and making the winning basket for Jalapao. He may not know who Eddie George is, but Eddie is proud of him nonetheless.

The winning team chooses to send Brendan to Exile Island, and the surprise twist is that he gets to choose someone from Jalapao to accompany him. He chooses Taj, who we presume cannot wait to tell him all the reasons why winning the million dollars would be no big deal for her.


We cut to Jalapao, where JT and Stephen are playing the "getting to know you" game. The two men seem to have a fundamental disagreement about their relationship, but otherwise, they're getting along swimmingly. Stephen professes to be smitten by the genteel country boy leading the tribe, while JT is infinitely amused by his counterpart's city folk ways. Think Green Acres as imagined by Alan Ball.

On Exile Island, we sincerely hope that Brendan does not try to make his move on Taj. Ray Lewis never had much luck against Eddie George. We don't like Brendan's chances in similar circumstances. There are two urns sitting at their temporary camp, and they're instructed to choose one for each of them. Taj's urn contains nothing, but Brendan's has a few notes that he instructed to read in private. He goes off on his own for a moment and learns that an immunity idol may be hidden on "tribal grounds" and also that if he is so inclined, he can choose to join the other tribe. This would come in handy for someone who hated their tribe or who thought they might be at risk to be voted out, but Brendan feels quite safe and sees no reason to swap.

Brendan seems to want to go off alone to find the idol, but Taj isn't terribly thrilled at being left alone. She joins him - ostensibly to help in the search - but it seems pretty clear that she just wants to uncover some information and then see if she can find the idol herself. In the end, none of this matters, as Taj intelligently deduces that "tribal grounds" probably means their respective camp sites.

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