Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

Say Goodbye to Gabon, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

January 9, 2009

Hail to the king, baby.

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Hello, good people, and welcome to the Survivor: Gabon Finale, Part Deux. As I promised, there's no three week wait for the end of the recap. Before I get to where we are and where we're going and who won and who didn't and all of that, I want to mention that this will be my last Survivor recap. This is my fifth straight season of recapping Survivor here at BOP and prior to this, I had done six other seasons at another site. So having covered 11 of 17 seasons, I'm ready to call it quits and have my Thursday nights free again. My first recap season was Season - Survivor: Africa. And with season 17 also taking place in Africa, this totally fits my need for symmetry. But, enough about me. Let's get back to the show.

When we checked out of the finale, Kenny had been sent home and then in an upset almost as amazing as Buster Douglas over Mike Tyson, Susie somehow managed to win the final immunity challenge, setting herself up in the finals. I left the last recap with a couple questions. Tonight, we'll find out the answers. Who will join Susie in the final tribal council? And will Susie get ANY votes?


We rejoin the show after Susie's challenge win. She is totally blown away that she won. As everyone congratulates her, Bob starts planning to go. He knows he's the biggest threat to win, and so does everyone else. So, it's pretty certain that Bob will be the one to go, leaving us with a Susie, Matty and Sugar final three. Susie is amazed at the fact that she beat Bob in that challenge. I know she is amazed because what we see next is Susie talking about winning the challenge over and over and over and over and over and over. Then she asks Bob if he thinks he would get many votes in the final tribal. And as she continues on with talk of her victory, Bob finally snaps at her that everyone there knows the score and they all know what's going to happen. Do they have to keep reliving it? Normally, I would think this was a big pile of sour grapes from the guy going home, but considering how much she has basically rubbed this in his face, I was glad Bob finally said something.

Susie tells us she couldn't believe Bob would snap at her and that sealed his if he had a chance otherwise. As she talks about it to Sugar and Matty, they both tell her that he doesn't want the constant reminder of it and that she should just stop talking about it for right now. Sugar tells us that she is having a very hard time voting for Bob, because she thinks he really deserves to be there. So she goes to Bob and plants the seed that if they both vote for Matty, that would force a tie. She is worried about it because she promised Matty she would never write his name down. With Bob seeming like a father to her, she just can't imagine voting for him. As they finish talking, Bob heads into the jungle to think. We see Matty and Sugar talking about how Bob is going home tonight and Matty wonders where Bob is. Cut to Bob, in the jungle, practicing making a fire. Just the very thought of a tie has Bob out there planning for a tie-breaker. He tells us that he can't believe Sugar would be that nice to him, but he's going to be prepared, just in case.

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