Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

Say Goodbye to Gabon, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

January 9, 2009

Hail to the king, baby.

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As they get to Tribal, Jeff starts with Susie and how she's the only one guaranteed to be in the finals. She says she's very pleased and that she had to win or she would have been gone. On the flipside, Bob is as uncomfortable at a Tribal as he has been since the beginning. Probst then points out that he has so many friends on the jury and asks what he did with his last few hours to try to stay in the game. Bob says there's only so much scrambling he could do, but he's holding out hope.

Jeff asks Matty if it was a busy afternoon at camp. He says there wasn't as much action as he expected. Jeff asks him about the choice between Sugar and Bob and he says that Sugar gave him an immunity idol so he can't vote for her. Probst puts the same question to Bob, who says that Matty is well liked on the jury and he'd be better off with Sugar and Susie in the finals. Jeff then moves to Sugar and she says it's tough because she'd lose to both of them. She says it's really hard because Bob is like a dad and Matty is like a brother. How do you choose between a dad and a brother? Probst then asks Matty what it feels like to hear her say he's like a brother to her. He says it feels pretty good and he feels the same way about her. He then asks Bob about his relationship with Sugar and he talks about how he's happy that he was able to have that kind of impact on her. As Sugar's tears are flowing, it is now time to vote.

We see Matty's vote for Bob saying that Bob has had a huge impact on his life and that he very much respects the way that he's played the game. We then see Bob's vote for Matty saying something about love for his friends. We know Susie is voting for Bob, so it all boils down to Sugar. Will she go back on her word to Matty and tie it up? Or will she send her father figure home? First vote: Bob. Second vote: Bob. Third vote: Matty. Fourth vote: Matty. And we have a tie.


Jeff explains that in the case of a tie, they will go to a fire making challenge. As they set up for this and get to it, I want to mention that I LOVE that Sugar made this decision. Basically what she did was say, "I love you both and you both deserve to be here. So I'm going to let you determine, on your own merit, who should continue in this game." Honestly, this was the fairest thing, in my opinion. If only the NCAA would wake up and realize that EVERYone prefers to see winners and losers and champions determined on the field. Not in a vote.

Anyway, on to the challenge. To this point, Bob has a great foundation but is having trouble with the flames. Matty has nothing going on at all. Finally, Bob gets a flame and it grows fast. As Matty has nothing going on, it's only a matter of burning a rope for Bob. And there it goes! Bob is moving on with Susie and Sugar to the finals for a one in three chance at a million dollars. Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to Matty. I say unfortunate because he's a likable guy. However, Matty had no right being in the finals of this game. He was one of (if not THE) losingest Survivors in the history of the show, as far as challenges are concerned. He had NO strategy in this game. Honestly, I'm not sure how he made it as far as he actually did.

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