Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

Say Goodbye to Gabon, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

January 9, 2009

Hail to the king, baby.

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We come back from break with the three finalists finally able to stop and take a breath. As they celebrate making it to Day 39, Susie is still amazed she's made it this far. They all head to get tree mail together and find a basket of food and drinks for breakfast. Sugar tells us that she was involved in voting out everyone on the jury except Marcus. She tells us that they all hate her and she might get a vote or two. Not that it counts, but she has my vote. She has easily played the best game of the remaining players.

Back to camp, the survivors have thrown all of their stuff in a pile and are burning it down. Bob tells us that he only has one thing left to do - and that's convince the jury that he deserves to win this game. They watch the camp burn and as they head out to Tribal, we get some thoughts from the jury. Kenny is still whining about Bob's deal and he wants to hear from Susie why she thinks she deserves to win. Randy tells us that he doesn't like any of the finalists. He says that Sugar is the only one who could change his mind and he plans on tearing Bob a new one. Corinne tells us that she wasn't able to let them have it before she left, so she plans on doing that at this Tribal. Oh dear. We could be looking at one of the worst Tribals ever.

As always, Jeff gives the speech about the game switching hands this time around. He tells them they'll get to make an opening and then the jury will address them and then we vote. Susie will start off. She says that she feels she deserves it because she came into the game to show her son and her students what it was like to try. She says she was so nervous when she started out, but through the 39 days, she's not even nervous going up against Bob. She says she now has much more confidence. Mmmkay.


On to Bob's opening. He says that for 38 days he's hoped no one would vote for him and tonight he hopes they do. He says his strategy was to use his personality and skills to make people more comfortable throughout the game. He says he doesn't think he outwitted or outplayed any of them. He goes on to say that he's very happy to have played the game with them and they made it the most exciting adventure of his life and he hopes they can toss a vote his way.

Last bit not least, we hear from Sugar. She says that she feels like she played a perfect social game. She says that she had to lie and break some alliances to get where she is. She mentions that no one ever wrote her name down and that she found the hidden idol within the first 24 hours on Exile. She says she thinks she played a pretty good game for someone so physically weak. She tells them she was a free agent all along and was pretty much on her own until she made an alliance with Bob toward the end. And with that, it's time for the crybaby hour. We already know that Randy, Corinne and Kenny are going to be awful. I expect Crystal might be too. That leaves Charlie, Marcus and Matty as our hopes for a civil discourse. *Crosses fingers*

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