The Amazing Race 13, Episode 11

You Look Like Peter Pan

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 7, 2008

They look nice, but watch out or their killer instinct.

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Interspliced in the neck-and-neck competition are clips of Dandrew lagging far, far behind. Ken had noted earlier this season that Dan & Andrew were exceptional at the travel portion of the race, but failed in completing the challenges. At the worst possible moment, this behavior has been inverted. Remember a couple of weeks ago when we said we had as good a chance of winning this race as they do? Heck, our chances may be better since we could still compete on a future season. We don't see them getting invited back for All-Stars.

Our belief about Nick & Starr's lead is justified when Ken & Tina's cab passes theirs, once again flipping the leaderboard. The excitement continues, though, when something as innocuous as a right turn occurs. Ken & Tina's taxi driver goes a different way, which causes both teams to panic that they may be going the wrong way. At this stage of the game, a few lost minutes could be the deciding factor.

Traffic proves to be the thing that decides their fates, as Ken & Tina's driver leads them into a bottleneck. Nick & Starr get doubly lucky as not only have they avoided the traffic, but their driver's approach puts them right underneath the requisite dinosaur. They are instructed to go to Alder Street and find the Russian food cart among the various mobile eating establishments. As far as end-of-game challenges go, we're not impressed. We guess it was either this or shake hands with someone named Bob.

Nick & Starr are first to the Russian food cart and are instructed to find a place where "The Magic is in the Hole", which should take them to a place called Voodoo Doughnuts. They have an indeterminate lead over Ken & Tina, who have found the green dinosaur and are currently seeking out the food cart.

Starr starts to shout, "Does anyone know where the magic is in the hole?" This does make her sound like a prostitute, but you can't argue with results. A random stranger turns to her and says, "Voodoo Doughnuts." He also offers explicit directions that all but guarantees they should finish this portion of the leg much more quickly than Ken & Tina. At this point the race is Nick & Starr's to lose...just like it has always been.

Posted without comment: "Thank God that guy likes doughnuts."


After Ken & Tina find their "magic in the hole" clue, they ask a person who they think is a random woman if she knows where the "magic in the hole" is. What they don't know is that she was sitting there when Nick & Starr got their information. She helpfully tells them that Nick & Starr went the long way and that they can catch up. We spoke too soon. Maybe this isn't the slam dunk we were thinking.

Nick & Starr do arrive first, with Ken & Tina presumably right behind them. Both teams are headed for the Pit Stop, and it will come down to who gets a taxi ride quickest and whose taxi driver is the most competent. The editing doesn't even have to be deceitful for a change. Overhead camera shots reveal the close proximity of the two teams. After 11 legs, a few mere moments will determine the outcome.

And the winner of the Amazing Race, Season 13 is The Good Team. Nick & Starr win their seventh out of the 11 legs, making them inarguably the most dominating team in the history of the competition. While they finish second, Ken & Tina demonstrate a tremendous amount of class and dignity. First, they offer a prayer of gratitude while in their taxi. Then, when they realize they haven't won, Ken proceeds to pull out the wedding rings they had not been wearing and formally asks his wife to recommit. Several of their fellow competitors and possibly even Phil tear up at this. They look like winners, too.

Approximately three days later, Team Superbad crosses the finish line. Dayam, they suck. At least they have a good sense of humor about it. More than anything, we're just surprised they found their way back into the country.

On a personal note, we've enjoyed doing this column, especially since it means that Reagen Sulewski and his wife Marilee could enjoy their honeymoon. Congratulations to them both.

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