The Amazing Race 13, Episode 11

You Look Like Peter Pan

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 7, 2008

They look nice, but watch out or their killer instinct.

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Ken offers Tina encouragement, and is rewarded with, "Shut up, Ken." Her difficulties with the climb are exacerbated by the strap on her hard hat, which is choking her. Starr fares a lot better and attains a decisive lead. Although she admits after the fact that she was petrified, she's doggedly determined to get the clue and succeeds. Next, she and Nick will need to ride a zip line 2,000 feet down to the island below to receive their next clue. It does not look fun. Or safe.

Tina's difficulties with her hat continue and she says that she is petrified, but in the end, she is able to make the jump to her clue on the first try. As Ken & Tina and Nick & Starr speed away to the next task, Dan & Andrew are shown to be finally arriving at the first one. Barring something unseen, they're not going to be a factor at the end, which is honestly as it should be. The other two teams have combined to win nine out of the first ten legs and should be the gold and silver medal winners in this competition.

Once again, cab driver luck plays a factor in determining what happens next. Nick & Starr point out to their driver that he's missed the Bridge of the Gods. As they request a U-turn from their driver, Ken & Tina realize that they again have a slight lead on the competition.


Did we mention Tina is afraid of heights? Walking across the steel bridge makes her realize the magnitude of their upcoming challenge. We're not even afraid of heights and we think it looks pretty grim. In a shocking turn of events, Tina's enjoyment of the ride borders on orgasmic. She becomes a "woo!" girl on her way to the island. Yet again, she has surprised and impressed us.

Right as Ken departs, Nick & Starr arrive on the bridge. The next clue instructs them that they must answer ten questions from the first ten legs of the race. The challenge that ensues is...complicated. To simplify things, let's just say they get game pieces with pictures that correspond to tasks they accomplished in the first ten heats. Part of the task is random, since they have to filter through 150 clue boxes to find the corresponding image, and part of it involves memory, since they have to recall which items were Pitstops, Detours, Roadblocks, etc. We don't think it's as hard in execution as it sounds when we describe it. It does seem to be an innovative way to challenge the teams on their knowledge of what they've done so far.

Ken & Tina have a two answer lead out of the requisite ten. Nick & Starr work better together than Ken & Tina. Tina points this out to Ken as she gets frustrated when he looks at clue boxes by himself and she realizes that they will need both of their memories in order to do the best in this challenge. The race is back and forth for the entire challenge, but Nick & Starr's teamwork pays dividends in the end and they are the first ones to finish. They're instructed to go to the Portland Building and find a green dinosaur. While the editing could be misleading, we don't think Ken & Tina are that far behind. We believe it's ten minutes at the most.

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