The Amazing Race 13, Episode 11

You Look Like Peter Pan

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 7, 2008

They look nice, but watch out or their killer instinct.

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Yet another hour and two minutes behind Dandrew are Ken & Tina, who finally are able to depart at 3:30 a.m. Again, we're looking for all of the teams to be leaving at roughly the same time (and arriving in Portland at roughly the same time since there are multiple flights with the same arrival schedule.

And in fact, they are all on the same plane, and are bunched when they arrive in Portland. So, no one will have any excuses - by which we mean Dan & Andrew aren't going to have any excuses. Nick & Starr are the first ones to leave in their taxi, and they were wise enough to do a little online research at the Moscow airport about the place they've been instructed to go. If they lose this race, it really is a miscarriage of justice.

Ken & Tina catch a break when Nick & Starr miss their turn, and this allows the husband and wife to be first to the clue box, which gives them their Detour options. They are "High and Dry" and "Low and Wet". On High and Dry the teams must climb a 40 foot tall tree and then navigate across a small bridge before finally jumping to retrieve half a clue apiece. If they fall at any point (they're hanging by a harness, of course), they must go back and start over from the beginning. Meanwhile, Low and Wet is slower and safer. All it requires is traveling across a floating log bride that is 850 feet long before they can retrieve their clue at the end. It's the slower but safer option, as there is not penalty for falling off.

Ken & Tina disagree with our assessment, as they decide that High and Dry is the better choice. Just as they're off to start their challenge, Nick & Starr arrive, and take the High and Dry option as well. Perhaps they're all Def Leppard fans.


Meanwhile, Dan & Andrew have been reduced to comedy relief much earlier than expected. After arriving in Portland, they somehow manage to find a foreign taxi driver whose lack of English skilled are rivaled only by his lack of familiarity with the Portland terrain. The boys are forced to carefully scrutinize road signs to help the man find their destination. They've lost significant ground while on this desperate search.

Ken has a slight lead over Nick, but neither of them have particular difficulty getting to the end. The only catch comes when they have to jump to retrieve their halves of the clue. Nick pretty much just goes for it and gets them almost caught up. We question Tina's decision to go second, as watching Ken seems to ignite her fear of heights.

We cut back to the comedy relief, where Fate has intervened and determined that Dan & Andrew are completely unworthy of winning (Fate is right, by the way). Team Superbad has called the cabin where their clue is located and asked for specific directions on how to get there. Even after providing their taxi driver with detailed directions, he still somehow misses the Bell Road turn. They request that he make a U-turn, and apparently this complicated driving maneuver is something he has yet to master. After ten episodes of extreme fortune keeping them in the race, it's like all of their bad luck is catching up to them at once.

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