Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

The Good Things in Life Aren't Easy

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 5, 2008

Come on, snipers! Where are you?

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First up to toss is Ken. His first shot lands in the sixth zone. Matty shoots into the fourth zone. Sugar gets a nice roll, but it's too far away. Susie takes her lone shot and she doesn't beat Matty. Corinne's first toss is in the fifth zone. Bob's first toss lands in the third zone, so he has the lead.

Crystal's shot runs long and she's out of the challenge. Ken fires his second shot and he's out of the challenge. Matty also falls short and drops out of the challenge. Sugar rolls her second shot into the fourth zone, but it's not close enough. Corinne's second toss doesn't make it, either. Bob's second toss lands one zone from the center and appears to be real tough to beat. Sugar's third toss falls far and Corinne bombs out with her third shot. Bob's third shot is good, but not better than #2.

And it comes down to Sugar's last toss and while it goes into the center, it rolls out and leaves Bob as the immunity challenge winner. And just like that, Plan Fake Idol: Part Deux seems to be well on its way. As we go to break, Bob tells us that this is the perfect time to take out Matty. I still think Matty's the wrong play here...but come on, like there's a chance he'll get someone to fall for a fake idol two Tribals in a row!


We come back to camp and Corinne tells us about the fake idol story. As Corinne and Bob get together to plan their strategy, they get their story straight. Basically, Bob is going to tell them that he has the Marcus idol and that he is giving it to Corinne to keep his twosome in the game. The hope is that they'll shy away from voting Corinne because they don't want her to play the idol. We see the alliance of five talking about voting out Corinne and in the event that Bob hands the necklace to her, they will vote for Bob. Next up we see Corinne talking to Ken and telling him that she's pretty sure she'll be okay. Ken promises he won't tell anyone and Corinne lays the Marcus idol story on him and tells him that they're targeting Matty. Then she sets the hook by asking Ken who he'd like to see voted out. He tells her that Matty is probably the best choice. Ken then tells us that the game is now changed and that the best shot is to blindside Matty and that he might have to change alliances now. Corinne comes back with Bob. As the three of them plan, Ken strongly pushes for Matty. They decide that Crystal would be the perfect fourth person to pull this Matty vote off.

And now it's time to join Bob the Immunity Idol Builder and no lie...this idol looks even better than the last one. He then goes to Crystal and tells her the story, shows her the idol and asks her if she'd like to go to the final four with Ken, Crystal and Corinne. She jumps on board so fast, you'd think she was an Olympic sprinter or something. The next talk we see is Crystal and Ken and they're talking about taking out Matty. Ken also hatches the plan that they will arrange four votes for Corinne and three for Matty. That way they get rid of Matty and the idol. He then tells us that if this works out, he'll be the biggest strategist in Survivor history.

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