Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

The Good Things in Life Aren't Easy

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 5, 2008

Come on, snipers! Where are you?

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Next up we join Sugar and her sister. Their talk centers on their father. And she even brought some of their dad's ashes and in a pretty touching moment, Sugar spreads some of the ashes in the lake. Next we see Matty and his girlfriend. As they take a walk, Matty lets us know that he's always been weak and taken the easy road. And one of the things he's learned in Gabon is that he doesn't want any time to go by without Jamie knowing how much he loves her. As they hug and kiss, Matty starts talking about wanting to spend his life with her and then he pulls out a necklace that he made for her and asks her to marry him. Of course, she says yes. Wow, this is a good loved ones episode. And with that, it's time for the loved ones to go. With some hugs, waves and...yes...more tears, the Survivors are left back at camp with only each other and the game. Always the game.

We come back from break to day 33. Bob and Corinne head out to get Tree Mail and Bob starts talking about blindsiding Matty. While they're away, talk turns to voting out Bob, as he's the bigger threat. We come back to Corinne and Bob. And as previewed, Bob tells Corinne the story of Marcus throwing the idol into the ocean, but not. And that he kept the idol and hid it at camp and told Bob where it was. Corinne says, "Really?" Bob admits that he made it up, but that it sounded good. He has a bag full of goodies that he plans to make a second idol out of. He's going to spread the word around camp that Marcus really did keep the idol and that Bob actually has that idol. The next part of the plan is for one of them to win immunity, which will virtually ensure that they both get to stay in the game. I love this plan. I'm excited to be a part of it. I don't think it has a chance in hell of working, but it makes for an interesting episode.


As the tribe comes to the immunity challenge, they all line up behind answer cubes, which suggest, Gabon Trivia Time. This time around, Jeff will ask questions and for each correct answer the player will earn a Plinko to throw at a target over the side of a bluff. The person to get their ball closest to the center bull's-eye wins immunity and a one in six chance to win the game.

The first question is a true/false question and Sugar and Corinne are the only ones to get it right. Next up is an elephant question. Sugar, Susie, Corinne and Bob get this one right. We get another true/false question. Ken, Crystal, Matty, Sugar and Bob get this one right. Next question is also true/false and Ken, Matty, Sugar, Corinne and Bob get this one right. And that's all there is. The breakdown is like this: Crystal and Susie have one shot each. Ken and Matty have two shots each. Corinne and Bob have three shots each and Sugar leads the pack with four Plinko Chips.

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