Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

The Good Things in Life Aren't Easy

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 5, 2008

Come on, snipers! Where are you?

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With that out of the way...Probst sighting!! Today's challenge will have them split into two teams of three. They will race through a swampy obstacle course picking up sprocket puzzle pieces along the way. Once they have the pieces, they'll assemble them to raise a flag. First team that raises their flag moves to the finals, where they'll compete against each other to complete a sliding puzzle. First one done with the puzzle wins reward. Jeff starts talking about loved ones and how he wished that he could bring their families out from around the corner, but he can't. He brings out some sort of gadget phone, which offers product placement to show small video clips to everyone. Lots of kind words, smiles and tears ensue. The prize is the full-length version of the video while enjoying a nice afternoon of pizza and beer. They pick stones to choose teams. Crystal and Susie draw the captain rocks and Susie gets to choose first. She chooses Matty. Crystal chooses Sugar. Matty chooses Kenny and Sugar chooses Bob. That leaves Corinne out in the cold with no chance to win reward.

Let's start the challenge. Crystal's team takes off and immediately falls down. Both teams pretty much get their pieces at the same time, but the Susie, Kenny, Matty team gets their first set of pieces back first. As the challenge progresses, Matty and Co. have a healthy lead, while Bob and his team are being more careful. With Bob leading the way against Kenny and his team, they're about even. We probably shouldn't be too terribly surprised to see Bob put all the sprockets together first and raise their team flag. Bob, Sugar and Crystal move on to the final round. You have to think Bob has an AMAZING advantage over his less than adept rivals.

The final round begins and it literally lasts about 90 seconds. Crystal and Sugar have hardly moved any pieces when Bob completes his puzzle. Kenny tells us that if Bob doesn't win immunity, he'll have to go at the next Tribal Council.


We come back from break to join Bob as he snacks on pizza and beer all by himself. We watch his video along with him and after about 20 seconds, she tells him to hold on and that she has something to show him. As his screen goes blank, our screen widens out to show his wife sneaking up behind the little couch he's sitting on. And as expected, we get a very touching reunion moment and the couple starts to catch up. You have to wonder if he'll tell the rest of the tribe. I don't know that I would.

Back at camp, that question is answered quickly as Bob and his wife come walking into camp. As everyone is excited to meet her, you can kinda tell that everyone is happy but disappointed. As they break up for a second, Bob tells them to watch this. He whistles and all of the loved ones come walking into camp. What follows is a maze of hugs and laughs and tears and kisses. Husbands, sisters, wives, brothers and girlfriends. Right away we see Kenny talking to his sister about how Sugar and Crystal owe him and how everyone likes and trusts him. He brags about how he's gotten rid of the strong guys and how if he gets to pick the final three, he'll win this game. Let's see...someone very wise once said, "Ken needs to get over himself." Oh, wait a minute...that was ME!

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