The Amazing Race 13, Episode 9

That Is Studly

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 23, 2008

Please don't hurt us, Mr. Cab Driver!

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When Ken finishes the task, he "flour" kisses the woman with the clue and joins Tina so that they can make their way to the finish line. This is going to be their best finish since the fourth leg. Nick & Starr arrive just as Ken is finishing, and Nick does the one bag at a time strategy to get through the task.

Now is the time when the producers edit the race in such a way that it looks as though things are close between Nick & Starr and Andrew & Dan. The reality, however, is that Team Superbad has to be at least an hour behind. If this is a non-elimination leg, the game is rigged for the bumblers.

Back from the break, the editing is focusing on the fact that Andrew & Dan are just now realizing that a six-hour cab ride is probably an expensive fare. They probably could have afforded it if they hadn't bought shoes. Since they did, they're hoping for a compassionate driver. As for us, we're rooting for chaos.

Meanwhile, Nick & Starr continue to have an epic run of bad taxi luck. First, it takes an extended period of time to hail a cab. When they finally do, the person drives for a few minutes before realizing he has no idea where they're going. He promptly ejects them. Perhaps he could have done this at the beginning of their ride, but that would have been professional and we're sure he wouldn't want to be accused of that. They get a new car, but they don't necessarily seem to be gaining any ground.


Toni & Dallas finally arrive at the Pit Stop in first place, and are so thrilled to win a trip for two to the Dominican Republic. And so it is that we finally have a new team finishing in the lead spot, shutting out Nick & Starr and Ken & Tina. The good news for Ken & Tina is they come in right behind Toni & Dallas thanks to Ken's dominant flour carrying skills.

Remember when we talked about the "understanding taxi driver"? When the Russian driver discovers that his tourists (Andrew & Dan) are not as wealthy as one might expect for people being followed everywhere by a camera crew, he gets surly. The boys empty out their pockets, sit on the curb and debate some sort of barter with the man, as the driver keeps looking at the camera in anticipation of one of them breaking out their wallet. Sorry, dude. It's not that type of show. The highlight of this sequence is when Dan removes his new shoes and offers them to the cab driver, even adding in the sales pitch that they're 100% Italian. Shockingly, the driver kicks them back and rejects the transaction.

Of course, there's a bunch more editing that makes you wonder who will finish last, but in the end, Nick & Starr finish in third. This leaves Andrew & Dan to finish last, but Phil sorrowfully informs us that this is a non-elimination leg and the blunderers will survive another day. "Sad" Park indeed. Memo to the producers of The Amazing Race: When Ol' Yeller was in this shape, they took him back to the woodshed. Is it the shoes? No.

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