The Amazing Race 13, Episode 9

That Is Studly

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 23, 2008

Please don't hurt us, Mr. Cab Driver!

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It's acoustic guitar time on The Amazing Race, as the soulful ballad underscores the notion that Dallas and Starr finally have some alone-time at the airport. Tonight, on a very special episode of The Amazing Race... After this is over, we hope they find a way to move to One Tree Hill.

Andrew & Dan start the leg more than three hours after the first place team (you know, the good team). What depresses us is the knowledge that this is not even the furthest they've been behind at the start of a leg. Yet, once again, bunching at the airport will allow them to be all caught up when they depart for Moscow. These two brilliant characters left their shoes behind during the last challenge, and now are forced to wear hotel slippers. We're sure those will be perfectly comfortable and handy for the remainder of the race. We think Arizona State is going to retroactively de-matriculate them.

Fortunately for them, there's apparently a 24-hour shoe store at the airport in Kazakhstan. Nike runs the world. Sadly, the duo Dallas describes as Team Dandrew does not get the acoustic guitar accompaniment. Instead, they get whimsical woodwind music that lets the audience know what goofballs they are. They purchase the cheapest shoes possible, which still takes out a full quarter of the money they have remaining for this leg of the race. So now they've been bunched into a tie for the lead and they have shiny new shoes! What a great day they are having! And it's only like 3 a.m.

Half of the teams are lucky and half are not. Dan & Andrew's driver gets lost almost immediately. Simultaneously (at least according to the editing of the episode), Ken & Tina have a similar experience, which is magnified by their driver's inability to speak a language they understand.


Meanwhile, Nick & Starr and Dallas & Toni have arrived at the monastery, where their clue instructs them to go to Kolosok Camp, which is a decommissioned military base. They'll have to search the grounds there for their next clue.

We thought the shoe problem for Andrew & Dan was funny at first, but when Dallas & Toni start to worry about having enough money for cabs, we start to think that Team Superbad might have a problem. Apparently, the taxis in the Moscow area are all about the price gouging.

Toni & Dallas are first to the next clue, which leads them to the Detour. Boots has them march (in time) with a military team, and we're forcibly reminded of how ridiculous Cate Blanchett was in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Phil comments that this "Boots" is probably the quicker challenge for people with stamina and coordination. The other challenge is "Borscht", which requires teams to serve Borscht to 75 military men. It sounds easy, but teams who are sloppy may have to repeat portions of the task. Phil also points out that it could be arduous.

The mother/son team decide that they will do the "Boots" challenge, while frustration sets in for Nick & Starr as their taxi driver is lost and they can't understand him. Also, he's blowing cigarette smoke in their faces. This allows Dan & Andrew and Ken & Tina to get to the clue box ahead of them. Ken amusingly notes that Andrew & Dan are fantastic at the travel portion of the competition. It's the tasks that prove to be their shortcoming.

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