Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

Nothing Tastes Better Than Five Hundred Dollars

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

November 21, 2008

We're gonna pass on that threesome, thanks.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to the Box Office Survivor recap. When last we hung out, Corinne and Charlie were destroyed when they saw Marcus was gone. Bob made the coolest hidden idol ever. Ken, Crystal and Susie formed a solid power alliance. Randy yelled, Sugar cried, Crystal referred to herself in the third person and Charlie was blindsided in a heated Tribal Council, making him the second member of our jury. While I was so thrilled with the first several boots this season, the show is in a downward spiral over the last four boots and I'm hoping for some sort of early Holiday Miracle to stop the slide. The previews for this week have been great. It looks like Randy finally goes off the deep end and his "I'm gonna burn it to the ground" was a nice quote to leave us with. The way I see it, either Randy will pull off the miracle and save himself and his alliance of Corinne and Bob OR he'll completely lose it; kill, cook and eat Crystal and then pick his teeth with Kenny. Either way, from everything I've seen and heard, tonight should be a great episode. So let's get to it.

We begin the show at the Nobag camp after Tribal Council. Randy tells us that he's shocked that Charlie was voted out. He says they made the smart choice as Charlie has more friends. Corinne tells us that she'll regroup in the morning and do what she can to stop Ken and Crystal from taking out her entire alliance. Start the music...


We come back from the credits and Bob and Sugar are in the woods. Sugar tells Bob she wants Randy out and Bob tells her that he does not have the idol. Of course, she already knows that. He also tells her AND shows her his fake idol. Bob says he hopes he can fool someone with it and he will only tell her about it. Sugar is a little thrown off by the whole conversation and doesn't know what to make of it. Next up we see Corinne and Randy discussing how Susie, Ken and Crystal are the likely final three. As they discuss how much they hate everyone else out there, they decide they're going to leave Sugar alone and work on Matty. They're going to try to convince him that he's not in the main alliance. As they come back to camp they let everyone know that there's Tree Mail and an envelope for everyone. Looks like it's Survivor Auction time!! Corinne says she'll wait to buy something until she sees that will help her in the game. Very nice thinking!

Probst sighting. It is the auction and we all know how it works, with one exception...Jeff says they cannot pool money this time. That should change things up a bit. First item is beer and peanuts, and Randy gets them. Next item is a burger and fries. For $400, Matty buys himself a burger. Again, Randy upped it to $320. Next item up for bids, a mystery item. For $280, Randy buys the mystery item. It's spaghetti, garlic bread and wine. Next item is a clue that will help in the next immunity challenge. Corinne offers up her $500 and no one outbids her. Next item is up for $20 for the entire tribe. Randy is quick to throw his $20 in the ring. And it's a plate of chocolate chip cookies. He takes it around and everyone wants one except Sugar, and a nice battle of wits ensues between Sugar and Randy. As he hands her cookie out to a couple other people, he offers he one last chance to a cookie (the one that's his) and she takes it and gives it to Matty. Hmmm...let's see what THAT does to Randy's demeanor around camp! Let's not forget that he just had three beers and some wine, after hardly eating for a month. This should be fun!!

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