Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

Nothing Tastes Better Than Five Hundred Dollars

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

November 21, 2008

We're gonna pass on that threesome, thanks.

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We come back as the tribe gets back to camp. Matty congratulates Corinne on a great purchase. He then thanks Sugar for the great gift. To which Randy jumps in to say it wasn't from Sugar. He lets us know that he's completely pissed and he plans to burn this house down here soon. Next we see is Matty asking Randy how it's going. Matty tries to tell Randy that he set himself up for the auction issue. Corinne breaks the ice with getting Matty on their side. Randy lets him know that he is not part of the final three and that as it is now, fifth place ain't bad and it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Bob gets to Exile Island and decides to take another clue instead of some comfort. When he sees that it's a clue that he's already seen, he decides to just go on a little safari. He uses this time to hike, explore and soak in all of his surroundings. What a great moment.

Back at camp, Ken, Crystal, Susie and Sugar are talking about getting rid of Randy. Matty jumps in to say that he thinks that they're making a mistake taking out Randy. He says they need to get rid of Bob, as he's the biggest threat of the other three. Sugar finally takes notice that Matty's playing the game. As Randy comes back into camp, Matty repeats his new mantra, "Bob, Randy, Corinne" several times. While Matty is thinking pretty straight, jumping in like that does little else but attract attention to how hard he's playing the game. I wouldn't be shocked to see Matty on the block for something like this.


We come back from break and join Randy and Corinne, still scrambling. He tells her that he plans to crash and burn today. He plans to make everyone miserable all day. He tells us that his plan is to get everyone to vote for him and he hopes to get the idol from Bob and he can get rid of Susie. Corinne says she'll do her best to get Bob on their side. Randy tells us he's after Susie because she was the one who flipped on the Kota Six. As Randy goes after Matty and insults him, he's started to put the nails in his coffin. We now join the entire tribe and Randy is going off again about the cookies. Next up on the Randy crash and burn tour is Susie. Crystal now tells us that he has to go. As it goes, it is now determined that Randy must be the one voted out at the next Tribal Council. As he tells us that Operation: Strong Arm is working to perfection, he reminds us that they still have an immunity challenge to play.

And with that in mind, it's time for a challenge. Today's challenge is an obstacle course race. They'll go over balance beams with bags of puzzle pieces. Once they get across, they have to go back and get another bag. First two people to get all three bags to the end move on to the finals. The finals will have the players setting up their wood pieces like dominoes while walking through a set of strings setup to look like the laser alarm testing room Catherine Zeta-Jones went through in Entrapment. And if you're a guy and don't know what I'm talking about...get yourself to Blockbuster and get this movie. It's worth it for that scene alone. Anyway, if they trip any of the strings, their blocks will get knocked down. If this happens they have to go back to the beginning and start all over. First one to get all their blocks set up and knocked down to raise their flag wins immunity. Before we get started, we have to see what Corinne's message in a bottle says and whether or not it was worth the $500. "You will sit out for the first stage of this challenge and will move immediately to the finals." Very nice. And with that, let's get started.

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