Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

Nothing Tastes Better Than Five Hundred Dollars

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

November 21, 2008

We're gonna pass on that threesome, thanks.

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Matty gets off to a crazy fast start and has three bags across before anyone else has two. It's hard to keep up with who is where, but when the dust settles it's Ken, Matty and Corinne in the finals. Matty and Corinne start at the beginning of the course, while Ken goes all the way to the end and is working backwards. Corinne and Matty both seem to be doing quite well, while Kenny hits the string and knocks all his pieces down. Matty has a little bit of a lead and puts the last couple pieces in. Kenny also thinks he has it and as he knocks his pieces down, they don't get very far. He has it wrong and has to start over. All three players now are giving it a try at the same time. When all is said and done, Corinne and Matty's blocks stop short, while Kenny's makes it to the end, giving him the victory. Corinne lets us know that her only chance now is if Bob has the idol and if he'll give it up.

And we're back just in time to play, "It's Anyone But Randy"...though he really isn't trying to not get voted against. So maybe we're playing something else. Bob and Sugar go off to talk and Sugar tells him to vote against Randy. She tells Bob that she has another plan with him in mind, in case something goes wrong. She tells Bob that she thinks Randy will fall for the fake idol. Bob tells us that giving Randy the idol will appease Sugar's lust for blood and keep him in the game a little longer. Next up is Corinne going to Bob to work the idol out of him. Bob agrees that if at the end of the day, he thinks Randy is the vote, he'll give him the idol and they'll all vote Susie. We join Bob and Randy and Bob offers up the idol to save Randy. As Bob hands over the idol, Randy lets Bob know that all he can offer right now is that if Bob makes the finals and Randy doesn't, he has Randy's vote for the million. Next up we see Sugar and Bob congratulating themselves for the sweet double-cross. As Sugar tells Crystal and Ken to wait for the excitement tonight at Tribal, we begin the trek.


Jeff starts off Tribal by asking about the cookies at the auction. As Randy continues to complain about the cookies, Sugar is blown away that he's throwing such a huge fit about a cookie. Susie talks about how she feels sorry for Randy. He says that he's not thrilled with that as it sounds like she's saying, "how pathetic." Jeff is now asking about the tension ramping up. Crystal tells us that he showed complete disrespect to people. Jeff then asks Bob about Exile and the idol. He tells them that he has not told anyone whether or not he has the idol. Randy then tells Jeff that he is worried tonight, when he hasn't been in the past, but 30 days is a decent run. Jeff asks him if he's okay with leaving then and he says definitely not.

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