Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

The Brains Behind Everything

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

November 13, 2008

I'm the president of the Marcus fan club!

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Jeff tells them that they will not be playing for Tribal immunity, but Individual immunity. Drop your buffs. You are now merged. Bob feels like he has a new life as he puts on his new blue buff tie. The first challenge is a simple fire building challenge. Everyone will have flint and steel as well as fire building materials. First one to build a fire tall enough to burn through their rope wins immunity and a one in eight chance at a million dollars. As the challenge starts off, this is a huge waste of time as no one can get a spark. Susie, of all people, is the first one to get a flame. As she struggles with her teepee fire, Sugar gets some flamage and it appears to be a two person race at this point. Susie and Sugar both have pretty decent fires while no one else even has a flame. Susie has the lead, so to speak, but Sugar is real close. And as I type that sentence, Susie's rope breaks and Susie wins individual immunity. If this means that Crystal goes home tonight, I can deal with Susie winning this challenge. Jeff lets them know that they will be headed back to the Fang camp. As they trek on, Randy tells us that there's no way he'll go back to camp with Crystal tonight. Either she'll be gone, or he'll be gone.

As they arrive back at camp, they find a whole bunch of food for a feast. Matty tells us that everyone enjoyed it for a minute and then they all split up into the jungle to play the game. The first such conversation we see is Randy and Charlie, where Randy says Crystal will get his vote. Charlie tells us that he feels safe that Randy, Corinne, Bob and he are a pretty solid four to vote for Crystal. The way he sees it, Sugar is the swing vote here and they really need to get her on their side if they want to keep going. So we then see Corinne and Sugar talking and Sugar says she can't live with Randy anymore. Corinne tells her that she understands but they need Randy's vote right now to keep them in the game. As all of this is going on, Corinne is telling us that all she needs to do is pretend to be nice to Sugar and she's so dumb she'll fall right in line. I hate to break it to her, but Sugar ain't as dumb as everyone thinks she is. And if they hammer her too much, she'll vote against you on principle. As it is, it seems that we are headed toward a Randy v. Crystal showdown tonight. Please, please, please, Survivor Gods, let it be Crystal.


We then join Susie, Matty, Ken and Crystal talking about the power alliance of Charlie and Corinne and how they need to be split up. They decide that Charlie is the brains and needs to go. Ken is still pissed off about the whole immunity clue from the last episode, so he's got his vendetta against Charlie. He goes strong for Charlie and the rest of the sheep baa-baa right in line with him. So, I guess I'm wrong; it's Charlie v. Crystal tonight. And again, Sugar is the key. Ken heads right to Sugar and tells her that Charlie has to go. Sugar tells us that she feels like the lady of the hour as everyone is coming at her for her vote. As they paint their new Tribe flag with their new name "Nobag" (Gabon backwards), Sugar tells us that she does not trust Ken after the Ace lie and that she doesn't trust Crystal either. But then she doesn't like Randy or Corinne either, so she's in a tough spot here. As they head to Tribal, Sugar tells us that she has no idea what she'll do and that she owes nothing to anyone. Here's the way I see it...I want Crystal gone so bad I can taste it. Which means, Sugar will side with her and Charlie will go home. And I'll be pissed. There. There's my prediction. Let's head to Tribal and see what happens.

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