Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

The Brains Behind Everything

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

November 13, 2008

I'm the president of the Marcus fan club!

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Probst sighting! As Kota comes in and Jeff announces Marcus voted out, Corinne looks absolutely sick while Matty looks tickled pink. Jeff notices the reactions and asks about it, to which Corinne says that Marcus didn't deserve to leave the game. And Ken, with his new set of balls in hand snaps back that anyone deserves to leave the game. Charlie chimes in that he's sad to see it and that while so many people complained about everything, Marcus was having a great time. As Ken continues to say that he deserved to go as much as anyone, Corinne simply says that she feels he earned the right to still be here. When these tribes merge, I honestly think Corinne may kill and eat both Ken and Susie. Now THAT will be a shocking twist!!

But oh yeah, there's a challenge to be played here. And it looks awesome - slingshot golf. That looks like fun. Each tribe will use a slingshot to shoot golf balls toward a sandpit hole. The tribe that gets their ball in the hole in the least amount of shots wins that hole. Best two out of three wins reward. Wanna know what they're playing for? The winning tribe will be taken to a village where they'll see a beautiful dance ceremony, have a great meal and spend the night. They'll also get to send someone to Exile Island. Corinne will sit out for Fang and let's get started.


Kota starts out on hole #1, a 300 yarder to get them going. Bob launches it just shy of 150 yards. Matty's shot goes just about the same distance. Bob's second shot lands on what would be the green, while Matty goes a bit left and ends up about 20 yards from the hole. Randy takes the third shot and comes up short while Ken sinks the third shot to give Kota a one hole to none lead. Okay, I like this challenge. And we're on to Hole #2. It's 225 yards uphill and Bob shoots it about 125 yards. Matty also lands around the 125 mark. Matty's second shot sails way over the hole, but with a sweet downhill bounce winds up about six inches from the hole. Kota's second shot lands about 30 feet from the hole. Ken takes their third shot, pretty much needing to make it and he's off by just a bit giving Fang a six inch shot to tie up the game. After much concentration, Matty finally drains the tiny putt and the challenge is tied.

The third and final hole is 200 yards uphill. Matty's first shot is a beauty right down the middle of the fairway, but Bob out-drives him again. Matty's second shot once again blows over the hole and once again gets a favorable bounce leaving Fang only a couple feet from the hole. Bob lines up shot number two and with a nice kick, Kota winds up with a little longer shot and Ken overshoots the hole by about six inches and opens the door for Fang. Matty plays it safe and puts it right on the edge of the hole. The pressure is on Ken to do or die here as Fang has a gimme for a fourth shot. Ken overshoots by a smidge, leaving the door wide open for Matty. What comes next is an amazing display of idiocy as Randy and Matty get into an argument over how to sink this last putt. Randy is telling Matty to just drop it and Matty is trying to shoot it and after a real long time going back and forth with both guys getting irritated, Matty finally takes the shot, sinks the putt and Fang wins its second challenge in a row. Most important, Sugar doesn't have to go back to Exile Island. Instead, Corinne chooses to send Bob with hopes that he'll find the hidden idol.

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