Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

The Brains Behind Everything

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

November 13, 2008

I'm the president of the Marcus fan club!

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We come back from break to join Fang on their reward. As they enter the village, they're greeted by an entire tribe singing, chanting and cheering them. Every season there's a challenge that you just HAVE to win...this is that challenge. This is stuff you'll never see on any Tauck Tour. As the natives bathe the Survivors, it's just an incredible scene. As they begin to eat, Matty talks about being glad to see Marcus gone. Charlie is taking about how the power players have gone out three in a row. Charlie's a mess with Marcus gone now. He says Marcus did most of the thinking and he doesn't know what to do now. Next is the dancing. The Survivors are put up to dance as well. Randy seems to think he's getting hit on while Matty is soaking in everything he can as he figures he's the next to be voted off, so he wants to get everything he can out of this reward.

Over at Kota, Ken is stuck in the boat on the lake. He is stuck on a tree and after quite a bit of time, he finally gets unhooked. As he pulls in some fish, he lets us know that he thinks he's figuring this game out. Someone is a little too impressed with himself. He tells us that he'll take out anyone before they can take him out. He's starting to believe that he can win this game. Not a good omen for young Kenny. As soon as someone starts feeling untouchable, they get sent packing.


And we're off to Exile Island with Bob. Of course, he takes the clue over the comfort. And as he searches out the clues, he tells us that he's next to go, so he has to find the idol. It takes him no time at all to follow and find all the clues. And when he gets to where the idol should be, he finds nothing. And in a brilliant maneuver, after giving up on finding the idol, Bob decides to fashion an idol of his own. He uses tree sap and several beads and shells that he's collected over the days in Gabon and fashions an incredibly authentic looking immunity idol. His thought process is that you don't necessarily have to have a gun to rob a bank, if everyone thinks you have a gun. So, I'm assuming the plan is to let this idol be discovered by a tribe member and see if that's enough to save him from a vote. Amazing plan and I hope to hell it works for him.

We come back from break and the Fang tribe has come back to camp with Tree Mail. The clue tells them that the challenge will be centered around starting a fire. It sounds individual rather then tribal. This challenge note sets Randy off on a rant about how Crystal will never start a fire. He tells how he's hated her from the beginning and he really doesn't want to see her again. And with that, it's challenge time!

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