The Amazing Race 13, Episode 6

Please Hold Me While I Singe My Skull

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 2, 2008

Whenever you see Phil, you know it's been a crappy non-elimination round.

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Kelly & Christy are great ironers (especially compared to Team Superbad, who are having all kinds of trouble). They finish in a fantastic second place. Toni & Dallas are out third and on their way to the Pitstop.

There are three simultaneous meltdowns. Ken & Tina and Terence & Sarah have to walk into the middle of what appears to be a mosh pit in order to find a groom at a wedding celebration. All four of them start looking claustrophobic. But the worst reactions are reserved for Team Superbad, whose lack of ironing skills make us wonder what they were thinking by choosing this task. The woman in charge keeps rejecting their efforts and shooting them the evil eye for their incompetence. When a gust of wind blows off some of their clothes (the assigned ones, not like a Marilyn Monroe thing), they briefly quit the assignment. The reality is that these two are the worst competitors remaining and equally deserve and need to be eliminated.

Back from the commercial break, we learn that the grooms that our teams are searching for are on thrones. We're not even kidding. These are the only men in the room sitting in giant, red thrones, yet none of the four people looking for them thinks that this is a distinguishing characteristic. Strike what we said about the frat boys. All of these teams equally deserve and need to be eliminated.

As expected, Toni & Dallas arrive in third place, while Terence & Sarah manage to find a taxi. They're stunned to learn that they came in fourth. Ken & Tina struggle to find a taxi, while Team Superbad has finally finished the ironing task. Assuming the editors aren't playing fast and loose, it's a race to the finish.


That's bad news for Ken & Tina, as their taxi driver gets lost. Again. We thought their conduct was inexcusable earlier this leg, but they've also had godawful taxi luck today. They should have brought their own GPS. As their taxi driver pulls over, Ken & Tina have a meltdown over her wanting her bag and him wanting her to get in the taxi. No other context is given for this conversation and we have to be honest that we spent far too much time debating what this was about without coming to any reasonable conclusion. They just looked like two people on the street fighting.

The real shock comes moments later when Andrew & Dan arrive at the Pitstop in fifth place. Given that Ken & Tina had left right after the fourth place finishers, we have no real understanding of how they could wind up so far behind Andrew & Dan. The good news for Ken & Tina is that when they do reach the mat, Phil reveals that this is a dreaded (for us) non-elimination leg, making this entire episode an hour of filler. Dear Amazing Race: Please eliminate non-elimination rounds. There's a reason the NFL doesn't have them.

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