The Amazing Race 13, Episode 6

Please Hold Me While I Singe My Skull

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 2, 2008

Whenever you see Phil, you know it's been a crappy non-elimination round.

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Nick & Starr finally arrive at the next clue, which is given to them by a man with a spectacular mustache. The Detour has them choosing between laundering money or laundering clothes. To launder money, they must create an Indian necklace with ten rupee notes that must add up to the sum of 780. This takes us back to the time when BOP was hosted by a company in India, and we had to make all of our payments in rupees. 5000 rupees isn't as much as you think it is. In the clothes laundering task, the teams have to use a fire-powered iron to press 20 irons of clothing to the satisfaction of a woman who must be some sort of laundry queen.

While other teams are arriving at the clue mustache man for the detour, Ken & Tina are finding that their taxi driver doesn't know where their destination is. They eventually decide to switch cabs so that they can find someone who knows where the Ambassador Hotel is. As they make the switch to the new cab, Ken shakes the former driver's hand and smiles warmly. We think for a brief moment that he is going to be classy. But then, when the man asks for his 200 rupee fare, Ken morphs into the dreaded Ugly American and snidely says, "You might have just cost me a million, you know that?" In case you were wondering (and we were), 200 rupees is the equivalent of $4.03. If you ever want to know when the moment was that we turned on Ken & Tina, this is it. What an embarrassing moment this is for the show.

All of the teams arrive at the clue man ahead of Ken & Tina, but lots of them are lost after getting their instructions to the Detour. Kelly & Christy somehow manage to pull ahead to second place as they join Nick & Starr at the ironing task. Toni & Dallas come in next, and Dallas is actually pretty perceptive and watches the local workers as they do the same job. This is in stark contrast to the other teams, whose main strategy is to bitch. India always brings out the worst in Amazing Race contestants.


While the frat boys choose the ironing, Terence & Sarah arrive at a very noisy location where they are to perform the necklace task. Ken & Tina are close behind them. It's a race between the two teams to get change for their bills so that they have the correct configuration for the required rupee amount.

Nick & Starr are the first team to finish the ironing, and are instructed to go to Baha'i House, where they'll check in for the Pitstop. They have to navigate a maze of streets to get there, though, so it could potentially get exciting considering that there are so many groups bunched up in this leg. The streets are no trouble for Nick & Starr, however. They arrive at the Pitstop in first place, and each of them are awarded an electric car. Ed Begley Jr. must be so pleased.

We keep wanting to be snide about Nick & Starr, but they're strong competitors who never seem to fight and genuinely like each other. They're what the show is really all about. Sure, Nick lies to other teams now and again, but it didn't bother us when Rob & Amber did it. Why would we change our minds now?

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