Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

It All Depends on the Pin-Up Girl

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 31, 2008

Did anyone else just hear her say she can't wait to betray me?

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Right on cue, Corinne is shown telling Susie that she doesn't plan to write her name down tonight and that Dan is probably going to get the vote. For some reason, in the middle of this, Susie decides to tell Corinne that originally, she was going to write her name down. She says that Corinne doesn't do enough around camp. And as Corinne nods her head and accepts this "constructive criticism", you can tell that she's just seething underneath. Corinne then tells us that she hates Susie and can't believe she would say that. Naturally, she runs right off to Randy to tell him the story. Randy tells us that Susie has no game at all, but that means that her vote can be bought. Corinne is a little concerned about Dan having the idol, as he has gone to Exile. She's worried that if they vote Dan and he plays the idol, she'll go home based on Dan and Susie's votes. Randy agrees that Susie needs to go, so Corinne heads off to see Charlie and Marcus. Both guys are concerned that they have these issues in their camp. They also think voting Susie would be smarter as Dan could have the idol. Marcus tells us that this boils down to who's least risky, above all else.

And with that, we head to Tribal Council...again. Jeff starts with Marcus and asks if they're looking out for themselves individually or as a tribe. He says they plan to surround themselves with the most powerful crowd of people. He then asks Susie if she is the weakest person on this tribe. She says she doesn't think so. Jeff asks her who and she pinpoints Corinne. Corinne tells us that she feels like she has a lot to offer and amazingly enough, Corinne manages to keep her cool quite well. He asks Randy if it's better to be yourself or hold some stuff in. He says he's about an eight on a scale of 1 to 10. He then says that the good and bad parts of this are that everyone knows where he stands.

He asks Dan where he fits in. Dan says that he is a worry wart and that has hindered him in being himself. Jeff asks Charlie how important trust is at this juncture of the game. Charlie says it's huge as they plan to enter the merge as a solid unit and that anyone who might splinter hurts their objective. He says his vote is based on who he can trust the most. Jeff asks Corinne if tonight's vote could be a mistake. She says of course it could be. Marcus, you wanna give up that idol? Didn't think so. And with that, it's time to vote.


We see Susie voting for Dan and Dan voting for Susie. We see Marcus' vote for Susie and it would seem that either Susie will get all the votes, or they split their votes in case Dan has the idol. First vote, Susie. Second vote, Susie. Third vote, Dan. Fourth vote, Susie. Fifth vote, Dan. Sixth vote, Susie. Final vote is for Dan. Looks like they hedged their bet against the idol and Dan is finally sent packing. While Dan is good in challenges, this tribe can absorb that loss and keep rolling, I have no doubt. For Kota, dumping the stronger guy was a great move. For Fang, it was suicidal. Interesting how two tribes can apply the same strategy and yet still end up on opposie sides of the coin.

Next time on Survivor: there's a new King in Gabon and his name is Randy. As the tribes appear to merge, Randy is letting us know how this is his beach and everyone knows it. Splice in some shots of the ladies in the water topless and then Randy's nekkid ass getting ready to go in, and next week's episode is sure to entertain. Until then, take care!

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