Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

It All Depends on the Pin-Up Girl

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 31, 2008

Did anyone else just hear her say she can't wait to betray me?

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Jeff starts out with Sugar and asks her about camp life. She says they're very low on rice and that Crystal knocked it over. He asks Ken how much rice they had and Ken says about seven days worth. After Crystal's spill, they were down to about 5 1/2 days of rice. Matty chimes in that no one in the tribe said one word to her about it. Ace says that the fact that the tribe was mad at her was concocted in her head. After this, an argument about whether she should have eaten or not ensues. And honestly, I don't care enough about her to detail it. He asks Sugar what it's like to be in the middle of this. She says this type of stuff is why their tribe hasn't been winning. She then says that she'll be keeping immunity for tonight. And with that, it's time to vote.

We see Crystal's vote for Ace, with her saying something about him being a snake and all that. Matty then votes Crystal and he tells us how long he's been waiting for this and that he's so glad she's going home. Assuming Ace votes Crystal and Ken votes Ace, that leaves Sugar as the swing vote. I guess I'll go tally the votes. No one plays the hidden idol and as expected, after four votes, there's 2 for Ace and 2 for Crystal. The final vote is for...Ace. Holy crap! As he gets up, he says, "Thanks Sugar." I have to say, I'm actually shocked. Every day that Crystal is on this tribe, the tribe gets worse. They will never win with her on the tribe. And to make it worse, they got rid of one of their best challenge performers. While the other votes were either very good or at least justified, this vote ensures that Fang will die a quick death. I feel sorry for Matty because he's a solid player and a good guy and he's shackled to the worst tribe in Survivor history. I can't wait to see Crystal, Ken and Sugar get their tickets punched next.


We come back from break to watch Dan try to save himself. He comes up to Marcus and asks if he's gone. Marcus says not that he's aware of. Dan is scared shitless and seems ready to do anything to stick around. Marcus, Charlie, Corinne and Randy are all strategizing and Randy has officially replaced Bob in their final four. Marcus tells us that Randy is part of the group and if he stays true to them, they'll take him with them. He then tells the group that Dan's a bumbling idiot and they discuss how useless Susie is in challenges. Randy thinks Susie will be the first to flip when the tribe merges. He also says that Bob will be loyal to the end. Charlie tells us that Dan is very vulnerable tonight but he could get a reprieve if Susie blows up today and does something crazy.

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