Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

It All Depends on the Pin-Up Girl

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 31, 2008

Did anyone else just hear her say she can't wait to betray me?

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Back at the fire, Ken and Crystal know that they're talking about getting Crystal off. Ken asks Crystal to trust him 100% as he plans on getting to Sugar and blindsiding Ace. Crystal tells us that Ace is manipulating Matty something terrible and he has to go.

We're back at the Kota picnic, and as they talk about how desperate Fang has to be, a courier shows up out of nowhere to deliver an envelope filled with...Letters From Home. Naturally, the whole tribe is pretty stoked about this and the letters are handed out quickly. Everyone separates and there's much crying. Especially from Bob, who I would say is damn near in hysterics.

In the middle of the love-fest, we join Sugar out at Exile. While she's enjoying the food and comfort, she's worried that she knows nothing about what is going on. She tells us her alliance with Ace is based solely on the fact that he's the strongest player. She just hopes that while she's on Exile, they're not just screwing her around.


And with that, we go right into another challenge. Today's immunity challenge is...a twist!!! Jeff drops the bomb that both tribes will be going to Tribal Council and both tribes will be voting someone out. However, they all have the chance to win an immunity necklace. Today's challenge is a simple log roll. You'll match up with someone and the last one standing will move into the next round. Last person left standing wins immunity and will be safe at tonight's Tribal Council. Dan tells us that he has a huge target on his back and that it's important for him to win big today. Probst throws out one more bone by saying that there is one more twist that will be revealed after the challenge. Survivors ready?

The first round pits Dan against Ace. Wow, one of the big guys gone right off the bat. Both guys do quite well, but Ace prevails and Dan is out. Charlie and Crystal are next. After about three seconds, Charlie dumps Crystal and moves on. Marcus and Matty are up next and despite having a good battle for a minute or so, Marcus is just too tough and Matty takes a dive. Randy and Susie are up next. As you would expect, Randy dispatches her pretty easily. Ken and Sugar are up next. They both fall off at almost the same time, but Ken hits the water first, so Sugar advances. Last up is Bob against Corrinne. Not surprisingly, Bob's done this before and was pretty good. While they stare each other down for a minute, once the log gets rolling, Corrinne takes a dive pretty quickly. And we're on to the semi-finals.

The first semi-final pits Ace against Charlie. Who will win? In the Closet or Out of the Closet? After a great battle, both guys lose control, but it's Out of the Closet (Charlie) that hits the water first, meaning Ace moves on. Next up is Marcus against Randy. Marcus is proving to be tough as he takes care of Randy with not much trouble. The last battle of this round is Sugar against Bob. Winner joins the final round with Ace and Marcus. As the two size each other up, Bob slips a little. He regains, but Sugar starts the log moving and as they both fall off, Bob strikes the water a split second before Sugar knocking him out and moving herself on to the finals.

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