The Amazing Race 13, Episode 5

Do It Like a Madman

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 26, 2008

They're pretty happy for a pair of losers.

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The division of groupings this week is finalized when Andrew & Dan fail to catch the same flight as Kelly & Christy, Toni & Dallas and Nick & Starr. If there is an elimination this week (and we suspect there won't be), it's going to be Aja & Ty or Team Superbad. If not, one of the three teams in front of them will have choked completely.

But wait! Back from commercial break, Andrew & Dan check at the gate and run into a more helpful woman. She informs the gentlemen that they are accepted onto the flight, and become the fourth team in this grouping. Right now, Aja & Ty know how turkeys feel the week before Thanksgiving.

Cut ahead to the airport in Cambodia, and we're stunned to see that every single team other than Aja & Ty are there together. Apparently, the first two teams took an ordinary plane, while the next four teams apparently took Wonder Woman's super plane. There is no explanation for how one plane got there four hours faster than the other, but we're going to presume there was some sort of Die Hard situation.

The exodus from the airport to the roadside gas pumping station is more adventurous than normal. Toni & Dallas have their directions lost in translation and wind up being taken to a hotel, but it could be worse. Christy & Kelly get dumped at a random gas station bathroom, which is probably not a first for either one of them.


This means that Nick & Starr are the first to arrive at the cluebox, where they have to pump a Cambodian truck full of 25 gallons of diesel fuel by hand. This seems like one of the easiest and most straightforward tasks possible, not just this season, but any season. It's tantamount to busy work. Proving this to be the case, Nick & Starr breeze through it and get the next clue, which has them going to Siem Reap Harbor, where they have to take a boat to a floating restaurant called Kho Andeth for their next clue.

Right on their heels are Toni & Dallas, followed by Terence & Sarah, Ken & Tina and Andrew & Dan. These four teams are separated just by moments at first, but Andrew & Dan fall behind when they can't figure out how to work the pump. Their driver's look of disgust says more than we ever could. Our inner Beavis and Butthead enjoys the dialogue of, "Dude, you can't just like pump like a baby. Pump stronger." We're still sure Team Superbad is all about the ladies. Of course, Ken (the #19 selection in the 1978 NFL Draft, making him the Antonio Cromartie of his era) one-ups them when he says, "It's just like pulling down the zipper and letting her flow, boys."

The boys' stupidity allows Christy & Kelly to pass them, while the editing tries to build up suspense that maybe Aja & Ty can capitalize on a New York Mets-like collapse by Andrew & Dan. All the other teams seem happy that they're not Team Superbad.

What we're really learning here is that while Michael Cera and Jonah Hill might be funny on film, in daily life, they're painful to watch.

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