The Amazing Race 13, Episode 5

Do It Like a Madman

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 26, 2008

They're pretty happy for a pair of losers.

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While Ken & Tina worry about getting on the first flight without any other teams being aboard, the duo closest to them, Terence & Sarah are pulled over by the local fuzz. Terence is busted doing 117 km per hour in a 100 km per hour zone. Hey, we already stand corrected on Kelly & Christy's "go slower" strategy. Terence proceeds to suffer the same humiliation all men experience when in the company of their woman during ticketing. This is probably going to set a very bad tone for the rest of their leg (as well as the rest of their relationship - 15 years from now she'll be talking about that ticket he got in New Zealand).

Innocuous mother/son tandem Toni & Dallas are in fourth place at the start of the leg, a full four hours behind the leaders. There's really not much to say about them, frankly, as they have done nothing to offend, nothing to impress, and have generally just been a solid middle-of-the-pack team.

Nick & Starr, whose favorite novel appears to be cocktails in Appalachia (assuming he's straight), are out fifth, and they are five and a half hours behind the first place team. We can already say that if Ken and Tina are eliminated today, they will have run the worst leg in Amazing Race history. Starr takes this opportunity to update us on last week's boat-bike spill, telling us that nothing was broken. She is wearing two bandages, though, and appears to have a pretty good bruise. We'll see if that affects her.

After some nervous moments, Terence & Sarah learn that they will barely make the same flight as Ken & Tina, all but guaranteeing one of these two teams wins this leg. While running to the gate, Terence complains that Sarah is running too fast. We were hoping he'd say, "This is a marathon, not a sprint," but no such luck.


Next up are the fraternity brothers others are referring to as Team Superbad. All we know about these guys so far is that they seem to be closer than they'd like to admit, and more than a little bit homophobic. Their actions belie the fact that they really like to listen to Coldplay and have macramed themselves pairs of jean shorts. Right on cue, one of the two describes the other as having gone to "pansy private school". Gentlemen, it's textbook.

Kelly & Christy and Toni & Dallas both get on a flight that is leaving four hours after the earlier one. This leg is going to be spaced out a lot more than the average Amazing Race episode.

Driving this point home, Aja & Ty, the last team to depart, are nine hours and a minute behind leaders Ken & Tina and a full two hours and 20 minutes behind the team in front of them in sixth place, the frat boys. We could be misreading the situation, but we feel like Aja & Ty are walking the Green Mile this week.

We're just a short ways into the episode, but already the editing seems to be setting up a couple of feuds for today's episode and possibly moving forward. Ty has decided that for whatever reason, he can't stand Dan, while Dallas gets annoyed when he watches the mean girls talk about him behind his back. They say he looks like Teen Wolf so many times that we can't decide whether it's an insult or if they share a lycanthrope fetish.

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