The Amazing Race 13, Episode 4

I Wonder If They Like Blondes in New Zealand

By Reagen Sulewski

October 23, 2008

Oddly, they hate the movie Pretty in Pink and all it stands for.

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The fourth leg of the Amazing Race starts with tensions between two teams as high as ever, and no underwear is even involved.

Kelly and Christy confront Nick and Starr about trying to get another team to use their Yield on them in the last leg, throwing on their best Grrr faces. Starr doesn't seem to understand why her charm isn't working on them to smooth things over (hint: they don't have penises), but honestly you two, it's a competition. Now, knocking them on trying to get other teams to do their dirty work, I can get fully behind. The Amazing Race is no place for cowards.

Ken and Tina, who have been startlingly tolerable in the last leg or so, lead off this leg at 12:33 in the morning. Tina still isn't quite grasping the idea the whole idea of the staggered start, whispering their next destination of Auckland, New Zealand (Land of Phil!) at the morning's starting point. They're all going to know sooner or later, Tina.

Once the teams get to Auckland, they'll have to drive to a harbor and untie a knot for their next clue. Ahead of that, they must find a flight out, though I can't imagine there's a whole ton of options for a morning flight from Bolivia to New Zealand.


The team intros to the day are mostly boring (what is it with these teams and their lack of early morning drama?) except that we officially find out that Brooke is the brains of the team of Marisa and Brooke, after Marisa wonders out loud if people in New Zealand like blondes. Brooke correctly points out that they're probably not rare down there, but you have to wonder where Marisa was going with this – was this her strategy? "Hi, I'm blonde, will you help me?" Well, probably. And where did she think New Zealand was? It's a hell of a lot blonder than where she is now. Gah! I could go on like this for pages so I'll stop now.

There's a bit of pointless airport drama (I mean, it's Bolivia to New Zealand. You're all getting on the same flight – stop being so protective and paranoid, people!) including Ken and Tina upset about losing their half hour lead (have you ever watched this show?) and Ty and Aja getting in a small skirmish over who is more controlling, but mostly it's quite chill. Okay, boring. Fight! Fight! Fight!

After what's probably a full day of travel, the teams bolt out to the harbor, and find the difficulty is in both finding it and staying on the right (left) side of the road. Most teams get a least some degree of lost, and Terrance gives up two spots in the race by disregarding Sarah's direction to follow the sign that said "Marina". Way to use your noggin there.

Ty and Aja get a flat tire on the route to the harbor, leading to the forfeiture of one of Ty's mancards as he stares helplessly at it, like doing so will somehow reinflate it. A helpful stranger finally stops to change it for them, leaving them ahead of only Marisa and Brooke, who apparently are driving to the harbor via Antarctica.

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