The Amazing Race 13, Episode 4

I Wonder If They Like Blondes in New Zealand

By Reagen Sulewski

October 23, 2008

Oddly, they hate the movie Pretty in Pink and all it stands for.

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The first three teams, Ken and Tina, Andrew and Dan and Terrance and Sarah, get through the knot without too much trouble, and are sent to the summit of Mount Eden, a park in the middle of Auckland and it's highest natural point.

There's also a Fast Forward out there, which sends teams to the highest... unnatural point in Auckland, and has them climb to the top of the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere via its exterior maintenance ladders. Ken and Tina and Andrew and Dan both go after it, with the chance to use it coming down to parking. Ken and Tina grab a spot by an elevator, leading Andrew and Dan to abandon their attempt at the Fast Forward.

Meanwhile, Terrance and Sarah have made it to Mount Eden, and find themselves the Roadblock. For it, the teams will have to identify an intricate tattoo on the face of a Maori warrior (I hope they find Paikea), made all the more difficult because they're doing this at night, and the warriors aren't exactly standing still.

Terrance takes two tries to find the right guy, and is rewarded with a Maori kiss (which sounds really dirty, but isn't). From there, they have to head downtown to the City Life Hotel. Terrance remarks that this last task is the craziest thing he's ever done, which is simultaneously sad and revealing.

In the meantime, other teams have started to arrive at Mount Eden. Kelly and Christy for some reason cannot find their way up to the top by car and end up going on a little hike, letting a few of the other teams back in. Toni and Dallas pull into third for the time being, continuing their strong but almost anonymous performance so far.


At the top of the hotel, the racers have to spot an Annual Product Placement Travel Company Tchochke (APPTCT), hidden somewhere in the city taking part in a New Zealand travel activity. They'll then have to go to that spot to find their next clue. Sarah and Terrance really aren't built for this as a team, as Sarah suggests a systematic approach, while Terrance wants to start randomly scanning places. This is what's known as a visit from the clue stick, Sarah.

It's now time for some race perspective. About the time that Ken and Tina reach the top of the tower and grab their APPTCT waiting for them and get to go to the Pit Stop in a helicopter, Kelly and Christy and Andrew and Dan have reached the top of Mount Eden, and Marisa and Brooke are... just reaching the harbour?! The hell? Did they walk?

Kelly finds her warrior pretty quickly, while Andrew is a little slower and more methodical, to the consternation of Dan. He does eventually find him, and hilariously tries to back away from the Maori greeting. It doesn't make you gay, dude.

After locating their APPTCTs, the teams are directed to a giant kiwifruit in the countryside. Things are getting a little spread out now, with Marisa and Brooke still bringing up the rear. Nick and Starr proudly gloat about passing Kelly and Christy, thinking they'll be so frustrated by... "Got it!" Oh well.

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