The Amazing Race 13, Episode 4

I Wonder If They Like Blondes in New Zealand

By Reagen Sulewski

October 23, 2008

Oddly, they hate the movie Pretty in Pink and all it stands for.

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Ken and Tina are greeted at the Pit Stop mat at Summerhill by Phil and... Phil's Dad! Phil obviously takes after his mother. Their bonus prize is a trip for two to Rio during Carinval, which probably isn't the best idea for a couple dealing with cheating issues. Just sayin'.

The kiwi fruit holds the Detour, which has the teams choose between squishing a bunch of kiwifruit to make juice and drinking it (mmm, feet juice), and racing something called a blokart around a track three times. At this time, we learn another thing that Sarah isn't allowed to do: open envelopes. Seriously, Sarah, run!

Terrance and Sarah and Toni and Dallas choose the fruit option, which proves to be a little painful, as the fruit is rough and the stomping grounds lined with jagged rocks. Passive and Aggressive get a good flow going and get finished quickly, and are sent to the Pit Stop, coming in second. Toni and Dallas, meanwhile, give up and head to the other Detour, cursing their choice and hoping other teams give up on it as well.

That's what happens for Andrew and Dan and Nick and Starr, whose glee at stomping fruit turns into Operation: Spite rather quickly. While leaving to go to the blokarts, Nick makes sure Kelly and Christy know where to go, under the rationale of getting them to the painful task quicker. For their part, they treat it like a spa treatment and get through it shockingly quick, making it to the Pit Stop in third.

Part of the blokart task is assembling your kart, which Dan proves to be kind of helpless at. Andrew vows to kill him later, but for now tries to help him muddle through. Toni and Dallas are quick at this, and end up fourth overall. The lesson as always – unless you physically can't do the Detour, don't switch.


Starr, after being specifically told not to throw her arm out in case of a crash, does just this and causes some sort of injury. She's thinks it's a broken arm, but this seems kind of unlikely since she can still move it. Whimpering a little, she actually takes the shift driving away to the Pit Stop for some inexplicable reason. I'm sure this was a division of labor these two had before the race, but Nick, show some compassion for your sister. Eventually he does so, but where are those instincts coming from? They end up in fifth.

Andrew and Dan finally get through their Detour, with Andrew releasing a lot of what appears to be some pent up frustration at Dan. "I don't expect him to run his mouth much anymore." Just hug it out, bitches. They end up in sixth. At the mat, Dan starts humping Phil's dad, which I'm sure makes him regret showing up immensely.

Now it's between Ty and Aja and Marisa and Brooke, aka the Pokeys vs. the "Huh?"s. Ty has trouble with putting his kart together, while the Pinks have their amazing(ly bad) navigation skills on their side. In the end Ty and Aja make it for seventh, sending Marisa and Brooke home, but not before Phil's dad gets to throw in some lecherous hugs on them. It's just as well, as these two were perhaps one leg away from being tasked so hard that they forgot to breathe.

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