Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

It Was Like Christmas Morning

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 10, 2008

Okay, I'm pretty sure Jacquie is the one standing, but I really can't tell Kelly and her apart.

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Jeff asks GC if Tribal Council is getting old. He says he's tired of showing up here. Jeff asks Matty if keeping the tribe as strong as possible is the plan. He says most least for him it is. Jeff then asks Ken if he can trust the new folks and Ken says it's too early to tell yet. Does Matty trust Ace? He says he doesn't know if he trusts him, but he wants him on his side. Jeff then asks Ace if they should trust him. He says that Ken's right. Right now, they have to earn trust. He just thinks they need to do whatever they can to keep the tribe strong and to do what's best for the tribe.

Jacque's next. How frustrating is it to go from the solid tribe to this one? She says she thought they would be awesome and she was working her butt off in the challenge. Next up is Kelly. Jeff asks her about her performance in the challenge. Kelly is quick to point out that Ken and Crystal were worse than her in the challenge. Way to make friends and influence people. This girl may have the worst social game EVER on Survivor. Naturally, her accusation pisses Crystal off. She says she is not weaker than Kelly and that she just couldn't figure out how to make the rowboat thing work. Jeff stops this to point out that Jacque, Ace and Matty were the only ones contributing in the challenge. Jeff asks Ace if that has him feeling any better. He says no. It would be bad strategy to vote him out, but he doesn't feel safe at all. Jacque says that despite being strong in the challenge, she feels very vulnerable. Jeff asks Ken that if the Fang members stick together who should be most worried. He says Kelly and Jacque because they really need physical strength in the challenge. And with that it's time to vote.

We see Ace's vote for Kelly saying that it feels good to return the favor. We then see Kelly's vote for Jacque saying simply, "Sorry." They show us Jacque's vote for Kelly, but give us no comments. We then hear GC's comments saying that it would probably have been smarter to keep the person he was voting for but this is how it has to be. We do not see his vote, though. I'll go tally the votes.


First vote - Jacque. Second vote - Kelly. Third vote - Kelly. Fourth vote - Jacque. And it looks like the rest of the votes come up Jacque and she becomes the fourth person voted out of Survivor: Gabon. And also, she becomes the first really frickin stupid vote of Survivor: Gabon. You can't keep a useless whiny bitch like Kelly and get rid of a solid player like Jacque. That's why the Fang tribe is a joke. That's why GC, Crystal and Ken have NO shot at winning this game. You just can't go far with stupid. These kinds of votes really piss me off. I want to smack anyone who voted for Jacque because it's an insult to anyone who's a fan of this show to watch some people be that dumb. Because I hate to end on such a down note, at least this vote will stop me from butchering the spelling of Jacque's name for the rest of the season.

Next time on Survivor: an elephant gets up close and personal with the Fang tribe and GC goes missing right before a challenge. We see a shot of the Fang tribe screaming for GC with no response. Maybe he got eaten by a monkey, dude. Until next week, take care!

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