Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

It Was Like Christmas Morning

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 10, 2008

Okay, I'm pretty sure Jacquie is the one standing, but I really can't tell Kelly and her apart.

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We come back from break to join the new Kota tribe as they arrive at camp. Dan is thrilled to be in the new tribe. Randy is quick to point out that there are four Kota members and three Fang members and he's pretty sure that if they lose, the Kotas will stick together. He says if it's not him, he'll be fine with that. If it is him, he'll burn the camp down. I'm liking this guy more and more. The talk turns to how solid Bob is around camp. Susie tells us how much she loves the new tribe and she can only hope to work hard and make herself worth keeping.

Next we check in with Sugar over at Exile. She naturally chooses comfort and when she gets in the little hut, she says it's almost like Christmas morning. All kinds of fruits and food awaited her. She tells us that she hopes to go back to Fang so she can hang with Ace. She hopes they boot Kelly and she can take her place.


Next up is a trip to the new Fang. GC tells us that he's happy with the switch as he's got four members of his old tribe there. Right off the bat Ken asks about how solid the old Kota tribe was and as Jacques's agreeing with him, Kelly lets it be known that she never felt like part of the old tribe. That she was never invited with the rest. All I can think is that she knows Ace has it in for her and she's outnumbered 4-3 anyway. Why would she be so stupid as to pop off like that? That does it. She has to go. Crystal takes note of Kelly's comments and Crystal thinks she might be good to bring in to their group. As Kelly goes off on her old tribe to GC, Crystal and Ken talk about bringing her in. Kelly tells us that she hopes to get something going with the three Fang members. As Crystal gets into the conversation, she asks about Jacque and her closeness to Ace. Kelly says they sleep together, but Ace also sleeps with Sugar. Ken tells us he picked Kelly because he thought she would be the easiest person to switch to his side. He tells us that he's only using her for a vote. And there you have it, Ken's in the game. Although, if these four stick together (GC, Crystal, Ken and Kelly) they may well be the worst tribe in the history of Survivor.

We come back from break to Kota receiving Tree Mail. With the mail is a lacrosse stick and ball. The note suggests a cross between water polo and lacrosse. As the tribe practices, Susie tells us that she's trying real hard but that the game takes its toll on a 47-year-old woman. Marcus tells us that Randy and Susie don't do much in challenges, and it may be Susie's hard work around camp that allows her to stay over Randy. Marcus says they'll really be watching the effort given in the next challenge.

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