Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

It Was Like Christmas Morning

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 10, 2008

Okay, I'm pretty sure Jacquie is the one standing, but I really can't tell Kelly and her apart.

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Probst sighting! Today's challenge looks to be a lacrosse game in bumper boats. Each person gets a little raft and paddle. Jeff will throw a ball into the water and game's on. First team to score three goals wins. Survivors ready? Marcus gets the ball and slowly makes his way down "court". He passes off to Randy and with one shot, Randy scores over Ace's shoulder. 1-0 Kota. Once again, Marcus ends up with the ball. As Kelly does nothing to stop him, Marcus lofts a long pass to Randy who has an open goal and scores easily to make it 2-0 Kota. Should we be shocked when Marcus ends up with the ball again? Ken and Kelly are completely useless in this challenge as Probst is quick to point out. For the third time, Marcus passes to Randy, but this time he misses. After quite a struggle for the ball, including several people falling out of their boats, Randy scoops it up and completes the Survivor Ball hat trick, thus giving Kota a 3-0 victory. Before he sends them on their way, Jeff makes sure to let Fang know that that was one of the worst performances in a challenge that he's ever seen.

We come back from break to the Fang camp as it's time to play, "It could be anybody, because they all suck!" As they're all sitting around talking about the horrible challenge, GC quickly calls out Ken for sucking. They mention that Jacque did real well, but overall everyone pretty much sucked. In the middle of it, Kelly stands up and says, "I'm over it" and walks away. GC tells us that the plan was to dump Jacque or Ace, but after that challenge, Kelly has to go. He's going to talk to Crystal and Ken and get it set up.


We join the three in conference. GC says they have to keep Ace and he thinks Kelly has to go. She was terrible and has a bad attitude. Ken and Crystal go along with him, but their concern is that Sugar has the immunity idol and it could end up messing them up. Matty comes up to them and just assumes it's Kelly. When they tell him no, Jacque, he doesn't really like it at all. They tell him that they think Jacque, Sugar and Ace are more likely to bond together with the idol than Kelly, Sugar and Ace. The next thing we see is Matty talking to Jacque. He tells her everything that's going on. She's totally thrown off by this and now has her sights set on Kelly.

Next up is Kelly talking to Ken. She says she worked her ass off in that challenge and she doesn't get it. Ken tells her that they all feel like Kelly is the outsider, which makes her a better play right now. She totally un-makes Ken's mind on this one. He tells her she really needs to talk to Crystal. She goes to Crystal and Crystal tells her they thought her and Ace were real close. Crystal admits she played great in the challenge. She tells us that as she's talking to Jacque, she kept welling up with tears and after how hard she worked in the challenge, Crystal is feeling like she needs to keep Jacque. So, right now, it's up in the air between Jacque and Kelly. Interestingly enough, Jacque will slice them up if the tribes merge. She has her alliance and right now, she's looking to stay in the game, no matter the cost. It'll sure be interesting to see how Tribal plays out.

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