Survivor: Gabon - Earth's Last Eden

Want To See The Elephant Dung? Part 2

By Jim Van Nest

September 27, 2008

At least I wasn't first!

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And there you have it, the first two people are gone and we've had two hours to get to know the new Survivors and to form our first opinions of the new season. For me, I think this is hugely promising. There are some definite characters here and while Michelle was hot, she wasn't that interesting. We have the potential of an unstoppable tribe, as well as an unstoppable alliance within that tribe. The Charlie-Marcus-Corinne-Jacque-Bob alliance could well run the table. Randy is set up to be the season tool and GC is just mouthy enough to play off of that, creating some potentially great battles over the course of the season. The Fang tribe will be painful yet oddly fun to watch self-destruct. After two episodes, I'm seeing a ton of potential for this season. The only thing really missing from it!!!


Which brings me to another plea to get me on this damn show. So there's no excuse not to put me on. So how 'bout it, CBS? Mark Burnett? Jeff Probst? What could it possibly hurt to give this small time columnist a shot at the greatest game out there? For those who've forgotten, the link to CBS is right here: Feedback So send it and send it often! Thanks to all of you for your support of this campaign last season. Let's see what we can accomplish this season!

Next time on Survivor: GC and Randy have a disagreement about the L-word again. And Fang better pull it together, because the next challenge is a straight up physical, kick each other's asses challenge. There looks to be lots of battles and lots of blurred out naughty bits. MY kind of challenge! Thanks for coming back for one more kick at the Survivor can with me. Until next week, take care, everyone!

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