Survivor: Gabon - Earth's Last Eden
Want To See The Elephant Dung? Part 2
By Jim Van Nest
September 27, 2008

At least I wasn't first!

Hello, good people, and welcome to the second half of the Survivor: Gabon premiere. When last I saw you, the first hot chick was sent packing from the Fang tribe, Michelle. It was a unanimous vote that chose to dump crappy attitude over crappy performance.

This episode picks up right after Tribal as Fang is returning to camp. They're all pretty excited about coming back to camp with fire. GC tells us that Tribal sucked and he's happy to have flint. As the appointed leader, GC gets picked to start the fire. In no time at all, he has a nice fire going and is feeling pretty darn good about it.

We come back from the first break and check in with Kota. They're feeling pretty calm and are getting themselves into a routine. Charlie has the hugest man-crush on Marcus, which could become an issue if he doesn't get it in check. Marcus tells us that he has an inner circle bond with Charlie and that he would like to add in Jacque. Charlie says he'd like to bring in Corinne. Marcus tells us that he, Charlie, Corinne and Jacque are going to form the "whole onion" alliance. You see, alliances have layers. Like ogres have layers. All he needed was a talking donkey there. He also says that he's going to make the pitch to Corinne as he's pretty sure no one has gotten to her yet.

Back over at Fang, GC asks Susie and Crystal to get some fruit. He asks Matty and Randy is they could find some stuff to use as utensils. He's basically assigning jobs to everyone to get their camp in order. As a maintenance supervisor, he seems to have a pretty good handle on it. He just has to be careful not to be too bossy. Randy and GC have a disagreement over the water, but I don't totally understand it. Randy tells us that his plan is to sit down, shut up and let the tribe self destruct. What a guy!!

Over at Kota camp, Marcus is approaching Corinne. She says the only person she's spoken to is Jacque. As it turns out, Corinne is thinking of the same foursome. Corinne is eyeballing Bob as a potential fifth member. But she doesn't want to give him TOO much information. It's wild to hear how in tune these four are with each other so early on. Sure, they'll say anything to each other, but what's getting me here is all their confessionals are the same talk. We may have the beginnings of a power alliance here.

Night falls on Fang and GC appears to be the only one up as someone snores obnoxiously. GC is busy washing clothes and the sloshing of the water wakes up Gillian. As a couple other people join GC, Gillian gets even more annoyed at how loud they are. She comes out of the hut telling them to stop being so loud while she's trying to sleep. What ensues is an argument between GC and Gillian. When it all ends, GC lets them know he's done as the leader. He didn't want to do it in the first place and he still doesn't want it. Randy says it was his best move so far and Dan thinks it was a horrible move. Once again, no one offers up to be the this tribe is back in disarray. The next morning, Tree Mail comes and suggest that the challenge is a reward AND immunity challenge again. Sounds like the winners will get fishing equipment and the loser will lose someone. As a way to psych up his team, Dan decides they should use charcoal to make war paint on their faces for the challenge.

Probst sighting!!! Today's challenge will have both tribes pushing a huge boulder through a path, picking up three keys along the way. Those keys will unlock three locks. The first tribe to unlock all three locks and get their boulder on their platforms wins immunity and a bunch of fishing gear. Also, the winning tribe will get to send someone from the losing tribe to Exile Island...where they will get a clue to the location of a hidden immunity idol. Worth playing for? Kota will be sitting Paloma out for this challenge.

As the tribes start off, Kota is in the lead and Gillian is not even touching the boulder. Bob brings down the first key for Kota. As they head down a big hill, the boulders collide and the teams draw even at the second set of keys. Bob comes down first once again and Kota is back in the lead. Kota is first to the gate with Fang right behind. The tribes have six keys but only three locks. Both tribes are neck and neck through the second locks. Kota gets through #3 first but Fang is right behind. It's a race to the pedestal. Kota is having a bit of trouble, allowing Fang to catch up...but alas, Fang's effort was all for naught as Kota gets the boulder in place to win immunity and fishing gear. They get together and decide to send Dan to Exile Island. Jeff hands him a map and sends him on his way.

We join Kota as they return to camp. They're feeling quite good about winning all the challenges. Charlie tells us that he's enjoying this more than his real life. Bob, the professional fisherman, can't wait to get out on the lake. Jacque is telling us how well the tribe is doing and what a strong team they are. As the fish roll in, Jacque tells us she doesn't think they'll ever lose.

We join Dan on Exile Island. He tells us he thinks it was a bad move to send him to find the hidden idol. Dan reads a parchment that gives him the choice between a comfort item and a clue to find the idol. He chooses the clue with no hesitation. With his clue in hand, he heads out to find an idol. He's looking over the lake for a sandy crater. He seems to have found the crater, but it's huge, so to find it out there would take some more clues or a miracle. After a long search, he's beat down, cut up and pretty downtrodden about the whole experience.

We get back to Fang and the tribe is talking about how well they did in the challenge and believing they shouldn't feel down about it. GC is pretty down on the losing. He really wanted that fishing gear. We join Crystal talking up Ken. Ken tells her that the physical part of the game is hurting them and Gillian is useless to the tribe in challenges. Crystal and Matty are in for the Gillian vote as well. Crystal says she doesn't even want to walk to the voting booth. She'll just call it out. We then see Susie and Gillian making a plan to get rid of Ken, as he's the weakest of the young folks. While I applaud their moxey, Susie should realize that she's climbing onboard the Survivor Titanic here. Gillian is a sinking ship and if Susie wants to have any chance, she has to let that ship sink. To her credit, Gillian knows she's the pick; she's just trying to save herself.

With one last snippet before Tribal, we'll go ahead and try a quick game of It's Anyone But Gillian. GC is telling us that this tribe can't pull it together at all. He says they definitely need a boost. Some food would be good. Randy takes his glasses apart to make a fishing hook out of them. With his hook and GC's shoestrings, they now have a fishing pole. Everyone else digs up some worms and they're off to go fishing. GC and Ken set out to catch some fish and BOOM...there's a fish. They come back to camp with five fish and the tribe celebrates the small victory. They all eat up and get happy, but that's short-lived as Tribal looms.

Dan comes back to camp and is grilled about Exile Island. He tells them that if they get to choose someone to send, they need to really think about it. He says a weak person may just quit and a strong person might find the idol. GC thinks Dan found the idol. And because of that, Dan all of a sudden has become a potential out for Gillian. A lot of folks think he has the idol, but Randy is pretty sure that he doesn't. Crystal and Matty are talking about potentially booting Dan. Matty would rather see Gillian, but he'll stick with the group. Crystal and GC are giving Dan too much credit for cleverness, I think.

As the tribe gets to Tribal, Jeff asks how it's going for GC as the leader. He says he's not the leader anymore as he didn't want to be the leader. GC says it's no big deal and that they're getting along okay. Randy says he sees where GC's coming from and he doesn't want to lead them, either. Dan says their problem is lack of leadership. GC takes exception to the comment and mentions that every time the discussion comes up, no one steps up to be the leader. Crystal says it's a bit frustrating, but that they don't necessarily need a leader for everything. Gillian jumps in and agrees that they need to pull together for the challenges.

GC tells Jeff about the fishing expedition and how everyone feels a lot better. He asks Dan about Exile and he says that the idol searching took a toll on him as he was searching for hours and came up empty. Crystal says that she thinks he's pretty smart and she's pretty sure he has the idol. Dan stands up to show them that he doesn't have the idol on him anywhere. He begs with them to not try to flush out the idol, since he doesn't have it. And with that, it's time to vote.

First vote is Dan voting for Gillian saying that she's a sweet lady, but he thinks that's the way the tribe's voting. We see Gillian's vote for Ken. She says he doesn't have a clue a lot of the time. We hear Randy's vote (but do not see it) and he says, "I wish it wasn't you, but it is." Jeff will read the votes. As expected, the unanimous vote is for Gillian. After making a mistake with their first vote, the tribe has done the right thing this time around. They needed to be stronger in challenges and getting rid of Gillian is a huge step toward doing just that.

And there you have it, the first two people are gone and we've had two hours to get to know the new Survivors and to form our first opinions of the new season. For me, I think this is hugely promising. There are some definite characters here and while Michelle was hot, she wasn't that interesting. We have the potential of an unstoppable tribe, as well as an unstoppable alliance within that tribe. The Charlie-Marcus-Corinne-Jacque-Bob alliance could well run the table. Randy is set up to be the season tool and GC is just mouthy enough to play off of that, creating some potentially great battles over the course of the season. The Fang tribe will be painful yet oddly fun to watch self-destruct. After two episodes, I'm seeing a ton of potential for this season. The only thing really missing from it!!!

Which brings me to another plea to get me on this damn show. So there's no excuse not to put me on. So how 'bout it, CBS? Mark Burnett? Jeff Probst? What could it possibly hurt to give this small time columnist a shot at the greatest game out there? For those who've forgotten, the link to CBS is right here: Feedback So send it and send it often! Thanks to all of you for your support of this campaign last season. Let's see what we can accomplish this season!

Next time on Survivor: GC and Randy have a disagreement about the L-word again. And Fang better pull it together, because the next challenge is a straight up physical, kick each other's asses challenge. There looks to be lots of battles and lots of blurred out naughty bits. MY kind of challenge! Thanks for coming back for one more kick at the Survivor can with me. Until next week, take care, everyone!