Survivor: Gabon - Earth's Last Eden

Want To See The Elephant Dung? Part 2

By Jim Van Nest

September 27, 2008

At least I wasn't first!

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With one last snippet before Tribal, we'll go ahead and try a quick game of It's Anyone But Gillian. GC is telling us that this tribe can't pull it together at all. He says they definitely need a boost. Some food would be good. Randy takes his glasses apart to make a fishing hook out of them. With his hook and GC's shoestrings, they now have a fishing pole. Everyone else digs up some worms and they're off to go fishing. GC and Ken set out to catch some fish and BOOM...there's a fish. They come back to camp with five fish and the tribe celebrates the small victory. They all eat up and get happy, but that's short-lived as Tribal looms.

Dan comes back to camp and is grilled about Exile Island. He tells them that if they get to choose someone to send, they need to really think about it. He says a weak person may just quit and a strong person might find the idol. GC thinks Dan found the idol. And because of that, Dan all of a sudden has become a potential out for Gillian. A lot of folks think he has the idol, but Randy is pretty sure that he doesn't. Crystal and Matty are talking about potentially booting Dan. Matty would rather see Gillian, but he'll stick with the group. Crystal and GC are giving Dan too much credit for cleverness, I think.

As the tribe gets to Tribal, Jeff asks how it's going for GC as the leader. He says he's not the leader anymore as he didn't want to be the leader. GC says it's no big deal and that they're getting along okay. Randy says he sees where GC's coming from and he doesn't want to lead them, either. Dan says their problem is lack of leadership. GC takes exception to the comment and mentions that every time the discussion comes up, no one steps up to be the leader. Crystal says it's a bit frustrating, but that they don't necessarily need a leader for everything. Gillian jumps in and agrees that they need to pull together for the challenges.


GC tells Jeff about the fishing expedition and how everyone feels a lot better. He asks Dan about Exile and he says that the idol searching took a toll on him as he was searching for hours and came up empty. Crystal says that she thinks he's pretty smart and she's pretty sure he has the idol. Dan stands up to show them that he doesn't have the idol on him anywhere. He begs with them to not try to flush out the idol, since he doesn't have it. And with that, it's time to vote.

First vote is Dan voting for Gillian saying that she's a sweet lady, but he thinks that's the way the tribe's voting. We see Gillian's vote for Ken. She says he doesn't have a clue a lot of the time. We hear Randy's vote (but do not see it) and he says, "I wish it wasn't you, but it is." Jeff will read the votes. As expected, the unanimous vote is for Gillian. After making a mistake with their first vote, the tribe has done the right thing this time around. They needed to be stronger in challenges and getting rid of Gillian is a huge step toward doing just that.

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