Survivor: Gabon - Earth's Last Eden

Want To See The Elephant Dung?

By Jim Van Nest

September 26, 2008

One of these was voted off in the first hour. We can't be bothered to figure out which.

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Jeff asks Crystal who's leading this tribe. She says they don't have one. Gillian tells Jeff that she thinks the tribe has several leaders, but they're afraid of the target that comes along with that title. Jeff then throws it out there to see if anyone wants to step up and be the leader. No one steps up. And once again, this turns into everyone talking at the same time. They seem to have volunteered GC as the leader. He reluctantly says he would do the job and everyone agrees to that.

Jeff asks Michelle who she's closest to and she says Ken. He asks her about being picked last and she says she feels like she proved that a bad choice in the first challenge and that it's time to get rid of some dead weight. This turns Jeff to Gillian and her poor performance in the challenge. She admits it and owns it and she hopes she's made up for it in camp. GC decides to keep the immunity necklace for tonight and with that, it's time to vote.


We see Michelle's vote for Gillian saying she's the weakest on the tribe. We then see Gillian's vote for Michelle saying she doesn't think she wants to be there and that with her attitude, she shouldn't be. And that's it. That can only mean that it's unanimous and Michelle is likely going home.

Jeff's gonna read the votes. And as I expected, one vote for Gillian, the rest for Michelle. Despite the fact they came in as individuals, they seem to have become a team, with a leader - as they all voted for the same person. He tells them that they get to take their torches and some flint back to camp and they leave Tribal Council in a MUCH better mood than when they arrived.

There are no previews for the next episode as it's getting ready to start right now. I have to say, though, I see no way that the second episode will have a different result that the first. I'm going to go ahead and use this as a logical break point for the recap and I'll be back with the second half of the Survivor: Gabon premiere soon.

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