Survivor: Gabon - Earth's Last Eden

Want To See The Elephant Dung?

By Jim Van Nest

September 26, 2008

One of these was voted off in the first hour. We can't be bothered to figure out which.

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Probst sighting!!! Today's challenge is a departure from challenges of the last several seasons. Turns out the tribes will have to make their way through an obstacle course, collect some puzzle pieces and then put them together. Oh, does that sound familiar? While I appreciate the scope of this challenge, it's absolutely huge. But that doesn't take away from the fact that it's still the "Obstacle Course/Puzzle" formula that has gotten a bit stale. The three people chosen to solve the puzzle are Bob, Paloma and Sugar for Kota and Gillian, Susie and Randy for Fang. The rest of the tribes are roped together to get through the swamp and other obstacles.

Ace has his tribe a little in the lead through the swamp. They make their way up the cargo net and Fang takes over the lead right there. Kota digs out the first bag of pieces, then Fang. Two more bags each. Kota gets the second and third bags of pieces, while Fang still hasn't found bag #2. Kota begins working on their puzzle. Bob is right at home with the puzzle pieces and they're making quick work of this thing. Kota is finishing up the puzzle while Fang finally makes it to the end. Despite getting completely blown out, Gillian never stopped the cheerleader thing, much to the annoyance of Randy. As Kota gets their flint and the immunity idol, one has to wonder if Gillian's annoying talking thing won't make her the first person voted out of this game.


Speaking of Gillian, she's the first contestant on, "It's Anyone But..." As Fang gets back to camp, GC is a bit irritated how the tribe has performed. He is bummed that the tribe has no leader. Matty is talking to Randy and Dan about booting Michelle. Dan asks how their tribe is better if Michelle goes. Randy doesn't seem to be on board with that plan and he'd prefer Gillian to go. He thinks she's too old. He considers her worthless to the tribe. Ken and Michelle seem to have formed a little mini-alliance and they're targeting Gillian as well. Ken is trying to tell Michelle that she needs to talk to people other than him, if she wants to stay in the game. She explains that she has trouble being nice to and fitting in with people she doesn't like. Gillian and Dan are also plotting against Michelle. And there we have it. Seems the entire tribe is set on voting out Michelle. Very interesting, indeed. Let's get to Tribal and see what happens.

Fire represents life. As long as you have fire, you're still in this game. And the torches are lit. Jeff jumps right in and asks Dan how he thinks they did in the challenge. Dan thinks they did pretty well. Jeff's response (and this is why he won the Emmy, folks) is, "So in addition to being a complete disaster, this tribe is in total denial." Dan disagrees. He says he thinks they can take those guys. Michelle is up next. She calls out GC and Ken for taking a break while digging for pieces. As everyone argues back and forth, Michelle comes out of by saying that she thought that they were in a race which means you don't stop until you win or you're done. As she says that, both Crystal and Matty are nodding in agreement.

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