Survivor: Gabon - Earth's Last Eden

Want To See The Elephant Dung?

By Jim Van Nest

September 26, 2008

One of these was voted off in the first hour. We can't be bothered to figure out which.

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To star the game, as is the tradition in Gabon, the tribe elders will divide the tribes. Bob and Gillian (who seems to go pretty far to not actually reveal her age) are the obvious old folks in the game, so they step up to the Probst. Bob chooses yellow, Gillian red. After a hard fought game of rock, paper, scissors, Bob gets to choose first. He can choose anyone he wants. There will be no boy/girl alternating.

Bob's first choice is "baldy", or Ace. Gillian picks the 6'3" Crystal. Ace is up and he says a photographer has to have a model and chooses Sugar. Crystal picks Susie, because I guess winning isn't a high priority. Sugar pulls in Marcus while Susie takes Matty. Charlie is selected by Marcus and Matty chooses Randy. Paloma joins the yellow team and Dan is picked for red. And I have to be honest, I kind lost track. Let me just give you the tribes.

The red tribe, Fang, is Gillian, Crystal, Susie, Matty, Randy, Dan, Ken, Michelle and Danny (who tells them to call him GC.)

The yellow tribe, Kota, is Bob, Ace, Sugar, Marcus, Charlie, Paloma, Corrine, Kelly and Jacque.


And right off the bat is a challenge. The tribes will have to run through some flags and up a large hill. At the top of the hill is an immunity idol for both tribes. The first person up there from each tribe gets it. Also up there are all their supplies including extra bags of beans and corn. The first tribe to have ALL members up there will get the extra food. So, right off the bat is a choice between personal goals (immunity idol) versus tribe goals, extra food.

Survivors ready? GC jumps out into the lead while Gillian is struggling. Matty and Dan go back to help Gillian out while GC keeps plodding along. Marcus is leading the yellow tribe up the hill in search of the idol. Marcus reaches the top first and then GC, so they both get immunity. Michelle is the first girl to the top, despite being the last picked. Kota is WAY ahead for the food right now while the Fang moms (Gillian, Susie and Crystal) struggle. And with that, Kota gets across the line and gets the extra food. Matty, despite hanging in the back to help his tribe, is also irritated that his tribe will be on the short end of the physical stick. As the tribes prepare to hike to camp, Jeff has to point out that Fang wasn't even close in this race and he hopes it isn't an indication.

As we return from break, we join Kota on their trek to camp. As they get to camp, they realize that there are some raggedy shelters already constructed, so they're pretty excited to know that they have some shelter. Bob is quick to get on the roof to do some work on the roof to keep any rain out. Corinne tells us that Bob has the camp running smooth and that he's 57-years-old and he's awesome. Bob is like a kid in the candy store.

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