Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

August 26, 2008

Why, God, why, isn't the Rocker playing anywhere in China?

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No one was ready to rock.

Kim Hollis: The Rocker opened to $2.6 million. Say something funny about The Rocker.

Reagen Sulewski: Rainn Wilson's leading man career is living on a prayer.

Max Braden: The studio could have easily hit the $3 million mark if they had titled it The Rock Bander.

Pete Kilmer: ...

Kim Hollis: Somewhere, Jim Halpert is laughing his ass off.

Brandon Scott: The trailer I saw looked decent but I never had any real interest in the film and apparently neither did many others. Rainn should have thrown his money in the air and "made it rain" rather than banging the drum loudly. Stuck in the wrong chord, it was a decent concept, poor execution I guess.


Jason Lee: The Rocker is less funny than your average Weird Al song and about 25 times longer in duration.

Sean Collier: The Love Guru is the bomb of the summer. Oh, wait, Meet Dave is the bomb of the summer. Whoops, X-Files is the bomb of the summer. Wait - wait - The Rocker opened in 12th? We have a new champion!

Daron Aldridge: I got nothing. Just shaking my head at how Rainn Wilson spent his Office hiatus.

Scott Lumley: I think more people may have paid to see the Office than the Rocker. Oh wait, the Office is on free cable, isn't it? Never mind, I stand by my statement.

David Mumpower: The Rocker is no The Pianist.

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