Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

July 22, 2008

Hey Josh! What place did you finish in?

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Scott Lumley: He's absolutely going to get the Oscar for best Actor. He disappeared into the role of the Joker and completely made it his own. When you watch this movie, you don't think, Wow, Heath is doing a really good job, you watch and you think 'Jesus! That is one scary bastard!' and that's the point. He was beyond perfect, and the only shame is that Aaron Eckhardt was somewhat overshadowed as Harvey Dent. I think we may see both of them get nods for best actor, but Heath is absolutely going to win it. Nobody else is even close to what he did this year or even in recent memory.

Daron Aldridge: I really don't have faith in the Oscar voting body to give it a nomination for Best Picture. Aside from the death of one of its stars, it reminds of the Bourne Ultimatum as it was also a blockbuster summer movie with near universal praise but no Best Picture nod. I think that Heath Ledger will assuredly get a nomination as voters will view it as their last chance to recognize him.

Sean Collier: Despite the comic book albatross around it'll have around its neck come awards time, I think The Dark Knight should pull in a few high-profile nominations. The film is probably more "mainstream" than the Lord of the Rings films, and each of that trilogy managed a Best Picture nomination. Ledger for Supporting Actor is the better bet, but more is a definite possibility.

Jamie Ruccio: I think Heath Ledger will easily get a nomination. He took a roll most notably played by Jack Nicholson and Cesar Romero and obliterated their performances with his ultra realistic take on the character. He made all other film/tv versions seem like utter childish rubbish. I can't imagine anyone assuming the acting challenge of that character anytime soon after seeing Ledger's take on it.

I think given Ledgers passing and the fact that he did not win for "Brokeback Mountain" will mean that Hollywood will be tripping over themselves to nominate and award his performance. I won't speculate on the movie's chances on getting a nomination as there are far too many moving variables and it's far too out to even hazard a guess.


That's a lot of samolians

Kim Hollis: Seven movies have earned $400 million domestically in the past, while three movies have earned over a billion dollars worldwide. In your opinion, will The Dark Knight accomplish either of these extraordinary feats?

Max Braden: I think The Dark Knight can get $400 million without too much trouble. Batman Begins grossed over $200 million after opening just under $50 million, and The Dark Knight just opened three times that.

Pete Kilmer: I don't think there's even a slight doubt it can do that. I think Dark Knight has free run at the box office until Mummy 3.

Calvin Trager: The 400 club is pretty lofty territory but it has the tools to get there. Imagine rubbing elbows with Shrek 2!

Shane Jenkins: I don't know, guys. The Dark Knight is *dark*. I loved the movie, and even I don't know if I want to submerge myself in all that gloom and angst again anytime soon. I have a feeling its content is going to negatively affect the repeat business that a blockbuster needs to reach that stratosphere.

David Mumpower: I fall somewhere between Pete's "It's a slam dunk!" and Shane's "I dunno about *that* much money". The fact that only three movies have made a billion dollars worldwide is indicative of how difficult an achievement this is. What Batman has going for it is that the movies have always sold well internationally. In fact, it was one of the first true juggernaut franchises overseas. I suspect that what has happened in North America will enhance demand abroad, but keep in mind that no Spider-Man film has earned $900 million. So, Batman is going to have to go $115 million beyond that franchise to achieve the goal.

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