Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

I'm Gonna Fix Her!

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 7, 2008

Survivor: Micronesia

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Hello, good people, and welcome back. Or better yet, welcome me back as I seem to have figured out my DVR issues and was able to catch this week's show in its entirety. Let's see, what did I miss last week? Well, girl-power was confirmed, while Jason was sent to Exile Island and found the hidden immunity idol. The scumbags searched through his bag and found the idol, and Natalie proved to be the worst of the worst. James cut his finger. And like his idol before him, Jason was sent packing with an immunity idol in his pocket. Ya know, I think I figured it out. I think my DVR just couldn't handle this kind of stupidity and after watching a Survivor make a completely asinine decision once again, I think it just decided to shut down and take a nap. Anyway, the previews promised us further girl power and tearful reunions. Hopefully Amanda's hot sister will be out there again. Let's check it out.

We begin the game directly after Tribal Council as James is having his finger looked at. They clean him up and rewrap it with the assurance they will come in and check it in the morning. The concern is an infection which could lead to losing his hand. He tells us that since he works with his hand, he can't let it go on too long. The medical person tells him that if it doesn't look any better in the morning, he'll need surgery. Cue the credits...

We come back from break and it's still night time. Everyone is all over James about what's going on. He tells them that medical will be back in the morning to check him out. As they freak out a bit, James tells them everything will be all right. The next morning, James is doing his best to carry on with only one hand. And we focus in on the messed up knee of Alexis. Apparently, she had a fall and busted up her left knee. Cirie tells us that she knows it's bad to say, but she's thinking that with the two of them banged up, that's two less people for her to have to mess with. I can't blame her, as I'd be thinking the same thing.


Probst sighting!! Today we have one of my favorite challenges every season. This is the "players fill out a questionnaire about the other players, then they try to predict what the majority of the group said" challenge. If you get the right answer, you get to cut a rope of one of the other players. Each person has three ropes and when the third one is cut, it will trigger the horrible destruction of their tiki idol look-a-likes. I love this challenge because it lets everyone know what the tribe REALLY thinks of them. Plus, the cutting of the ropes always helps define the pecking order around camp. The only thing this challenge could possibly need is the loved ones of the players. Huh? What's that? This challenge HAS loved ones of the players? Just stop that, stop it right now. As we marvel at the perfect challenge, we get to meet Parvati's mom, Gayle. Then Erik's brother Kurt comes out followed by Natalie's mom, Rocky. Is it wrong that by association I automatically hate Rocky too? Next up is Alexis' brother, Nathan. As they hug, we can see Parvati trying to figure out how she can score with Nathan before this challenge is over. Next up is Amanda's sister, Katrina. Fine...I'll say it, them's some good genes in the Kimmel family. Up next is James Sr., who doesn't look old enough to be James' dad. Last, but not least is HB, Cirie's husband. And once again, everyone in the viewing audience remarks how HB and Cirie do not look right together. With everyone out there, Jeff explains that the winner of this challenge will get to go to Jellyfish Lake and swim with the jellyfish. Exile Island is now back in play as the idol has been rehidden. Let's go ahead and start the challenge.

The first question is: Who does the most for the tribe? Everyone says James, except James. James is the correct answer. Cirie takes out one of Amanda's ropes. Natalie takes out Erik and he returns the favor. Alexis and Parvati both take out James. Amanda then takes a shot at Parvati,

Next question: Who never shuts up? Parvati is the correct answer. Erik takes out Alexis who then returns the favor. James hits Alexis too and Amanda takes out one of Cirie's ropes.

Watch for our How Well Do You Know: Survivor - Fans vs. Favorites quiz at the end of the season!

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