Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

I'm Gonna Fix Her!

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 7, 2008

Survivor: Micronesia

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And we have another Probst sighting. As Amanda comes back from Exile, the first thing she notices is that James is gone. And with that, immunity is back up for grabs. For this challenge, each person will fire a high powered gun at some colored sake bottles. First person to break all three of their own bottles wins immunity. First up is Natalie and she hits. Parvati also gets her first shot. Erik also scores a hit on his first shot. After one round, Natalie, Parvati and Erik are tied with one. In the second round, Erik is the only one to score in round two. Natalie gets a hit in round three. Amanda finally hits one. Erik steps up for his third shot and like clockwork, drills his third bottle, wins immunity and totally screws up the girls' plans. Looks like they'll have to dump one of their own.

Coming back from break, it's time to play, "It's anyone but Amanda." As they get back to camp, the first thing Amanda does is empty her bag in front of everyone to show them that she does not have the idol. They ask her how far she got and she told them that she couldn't find the clue in the water. She said the current was too strong and just couldn't find it. As she picks up her stuff, still talking about it being harder than she thought, everyone is totally buying her act.


Which leads us to the big reveal. Amanda takes Parvati aside and tells her that she knows where the idol is and that they need to decide who to vote out. They're going back and forth between Alexis and Natalie. Parvati thinks Alexis could win jury votes. Amanda is thinking more along the lines of making the final three, not winning it. She thinks the Alexis injury pretty much takes her out of any challenge. The girls decide Amanda should approach Erik and play the, "I took care of you, now you take care of me" card. Next we join Alexis and Erik deciding that Amanda is the best bet to win so she has to go. Amanda approaches Erik and he tells her that he is deciding between her and Parvati. As she pleads with him, telling him how she helped him out, I can only assume that Erik has never had a girl that hot talk to him like that. But, he keeps his composure and tells her that he will likely vote for her. Cirie tells us she's on board with the Amanda vote, even though she would prefer to vote Alexis. As Cirie talks to Amanda, she tells her she will not force the tie, because she doesn't want to pick the rock. Cirie admits to her that everyone is voting for her.

As everyone sits around the fire, the talk turns to Amanda and where she is. Parvati tells them that she went to wash 'cause she told her she stinks. Of course, that's a cover for her to dig for the idol. And as she digs, she tells us that if she doesn't find the idol, she's toast.

As we get to Tribal, the jury is brought in, including James (complete with IV drip.) Jeff tells the jury what's up with James. He then asks James about the IV Bag. He says that he had to have his finger taken care of and as long as he has the IV, he's good. On to the real Tribal. Jeff starts with Amanda by asking if she searched for the idol or not. She says that she did, but because of the current being so strong she wasn't able to find it. For real, folks, she looks like someone just ran over her dog. Either she's really bummed about being voted out, or she's really playing it up big time in hopes that she can blindside someone with the idol. On to Cirie, Jeff asks her who the physical threats are in the game. She says Erik and Amanda. She can't vote for Erik, which points him toward Amanda. Amanda tells him that she has been told that she's going home. Everyone but Parvati plans to vote for her. Parvati says that she just can't cast a vote against her "little sister." (I'm sure those words won't come back to haunt her at all.) As Amanda continues on, she talks about how she felt like it was her and Erik for the last little bit. And that Erik is all friendly when he needs your help, but when you need his, he can't be bothered to help you. Apparently this revelation is a new one for the jury as they look stunned. Erik speaks up to say that he thinks Amanda is blaming him for her being voted out. She goes on to say that she helped keep him through the merge and when she needs his help, he refuses to give it, so she's pretty pissed off. On to Natalie...Jeff wants to know who scares her the most. She says Amanda because she has done nothing to hurt anyone on the jury. Alexis chimes in that they adore Amanda and she respects her so there was no way she would vote for her without her knowing it was coming. and with all of that, it's time to vote.

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