Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

I'm Gonna Fix Her!

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 7, 2008

Survivor: Micronesia

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Next question (and my personal favorite): Who mistakenly thinks they're in control of this game? Once again, the answer is Parvati. James takes another shot at Parvati and Amanda hits Natalie. Erik takes a shot of Cirie and Natalie pays back Amanda. Cirie heads out to cut Parvati's last rope and the tiki idol Parvati is smashed to bits.

Next question: Who is the most honest? The answer is Alexis. Cirie gets the only shot this time around and she sends Erik out of the challenge.

Next question: Who are you least likely to invite to a family dinner? James is the correct answer. Alexis takes James out of the challenge and then James takes Cirie out. Amanda knocks out Natalie and Cirie takes out Amanda which gives the victory to Alexis. Jeff tells Alexis that she can take two people with her and she chose Cirie and Natalie to accompany them. She then has to send someone to Exile. Amanda offers to go, so Alexis sends her. After being refused a hug from her sister, Amanda heads to Exile. And on the way out, Jeff sends James over to medical one more time.

When we come back from break, James is having his finger looked at. Lots of talk about infections and joints and amputation. Also, that cut is pretty nasty. He's pretty non-chalant about it, but it's a really bad cut. When Jeff comes to ask what's up, the doctor tells him that he needs treatment. Jeff lets James know that it's his call whether or not to leave, unless medical forces him out of the game. After asking the doc one more time, she says that he needs to be hospitalized ASAP to get it fixed. And like that, the big guy is taken out of the game. He gets to say goodbye to Parvati and Erik. Parvati tells us how unfair this all is. I can only assume she's saying that because she didn't get the chance to devour him whole yet. As James is taken away, we flip to the reward winners.

They all have quite a hike to Jellyfish Lake, but when they get there is so worth the walk. The next shots are quite amazing as they are literally swimming with thousands of stingless jellyfish. Even Cirie enjoys it. She tells us that she might have had a breakthrough and that she doesn't need to be afraid of everything.


Next up is a trip to Exile Island as Amanda begins her search for the new hidden immunity idol. She figures out the first couple clues and then one leads her out into the water. The clue is hooked to something under the water. With the water moving around quite a bit, Amanda FINALLY finds the clue under the water. It sends her back to her original island where she has to dig for the next clue. She digs for quite sometime and finally finds the clue that tells her the idol is hidden back at her camp, right under the tribe flag. After all that work, there's one more leg to go, it seems.

Flash forward to night and the rewarders come back to camp to learn that James has been med-evac'd from the game. Alexis is very worried about this because her knee is hurting her pretty bad. Cirie tells us that with James leaving, it puts the all-girl alliance in a weird spot because they now have to beat Erik in the immunity challenge, or they'll be forced to eat one of their own. The girls talk about how they have to beat Erik as we head to break.

We come back from break and Alexis is having a rough time walking. Parvati asks her is she really thinks she can do this for seven more days. And then asks if she wants them to vote her off. Alexis basically tells her no way and goes about her business. Parvati and Natalie are talking about what to do if Erik wins. Natalie says she can't beat Amanda so she needs to go. Parvati tells her that she will not vote for Amanda because they've had a deal from day one. Of course, she may as well have said, "I can't vote for Amanda, but I'm not gonna stop you guys from voting for her." Every week I'm more blown away by the stupidity and assholishness of these people. I'm literally to the point of hating them all and wishing for all of them to be med-evac'd out of the game.

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