Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

Like a Wide-Eyed Kid in the Candy Store

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 25, 2008

I miss Chet!

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Conventional Survivor wisdom dictates now should be the time to play "It's Anyone But Tracy." However, this season, they haven't made the smart vote very often, so we're really in a place where Erik seems to be the biggest target and maybe even Ozzy. As the tribe gets back, Amanda apologizes for not putting the puzzle together. As she, Cirie and Ozzy talk about the vote, Ozzy is real quick to mention that Erik has to stay and that Tracy needs to be the one to go. Ami does not like that plan at all. She says that sometimes you have to play the dirty card. So she goes to Tracy and hatches a brilliant plan. She tells Tracy that the girls want go get rid of Erik and that Ozzy wants Tracy gone. But if she, Tracy and Erik bond together to vote Ozzy, he'll never see it coming and they'll take control of this game. Tracy tells Erik that she's voting Ozzy. He's not thrilled about that, as he seems to think that his status in the game depends on how he votes. She tries to tell him that he'll be next after her. As the four girls talk, Ami and Tracy tell Cirie and Amanda that they're willing to vote Erik with them. Amanda tells us that if she wanted Erik gone, he'd be gone tonight, but she can't decide what she wants to do. Ami tells us that the indecision of everyone is making her quite nervous and might be enough to have her stay with the favorites and vote out another fan.


As the group gets to Tribal, Jeff starts with Tracy and asks her who is leading this tribe. She says Ozzy is leading and that he tells them who's going to compete and who's going to eat and what they can eat. Ozzy says he's surprised that she feels that way and that he doesn't see himself as the leader of the tribe at all. On to Cirie, he tells her that SOMEbody has to be leading this tribe. She says that she sees where Tracy is coming from. She says that about 90% of what they do goes through Ozzy. Jeff moves on to Erik and Erik just gushes about how great Ozzy is and how their tribe would be falling apart even worse then they are now without him. On to Ami, there are two types of thinking right now, short term (We need to win challenges) and long term (I need to take out people who could possibly beat me.) She says that you definitely have to be thinking long term and decide when is the good time to get rid of the biggest threats. He asks Ozzy if that makes him nervous. He says that he definitely is but that he's going to do his best in all the challenges and be loyal to those that are loyal to him. Jeff then asks Tracy why they should keep her tonight. She says that she thinks she'd be better to keep than someone who will demolish you when they get to the merge. She says that she'd be less of a threat to Ami, Amanda and Cirie than Ozzy will be. And with that, it's time to vote.

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