Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

Like a Wide-Eyed Kid in the Candy Store

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 25, 2008

I miss Chet!

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Cirie gets her tribe out of the gates fast. After confusing the fact that her left is everyone else's right, she quickly gets them on their way. Airai has one problem tile, which allows Malakal to get all four sets of pieces at the same time Airai gets number three. Erik, Cirie and Ozzy work the puzzle for Malakal. James, Eliza and Kathy work it for Airai. It's really hard to tell who's winning as pieces can fit but still be wrong. After a whole bunch of different camera angles, Malakal finally breaks the skid and wins their first challenge as a tribe. Now comes the part where they have to send someone to Exile and exclude one of their own from the reward. They send Jason back to Exile and then very quickly, Ozzy asks Tracy to take one for the team and with everyone staring at her, she really doesn't have much of a choice. I have to be honest; if I were Tracy I would have thrown a complete fit. I might still have gone to Exile, but come on, girl. You're bottom man on this totem pole. What do you have to lose? Call Ozzy out right on the spot. Let everyone know what a tool he's becoming. Worst-case scenario, you go to Exile and get booted next. Best case, maybe someone else volunteers. Or even better, maybe the ladies see what a tool he is and approach you later on about making a move. But after all these episodes of dragging Chet's dead carcass through the game, the fact that she did nothing to stand up for herself tells me she's pretty much checked out.

We come back from break to join the victorious Malakal tribe as they reach their "spa." There's a table of food waiting for them. Erik is extra excited because this is the first reward he's won this season. Amanda heads over to the shower. So does Ozzy. And Ami comes in right behind. And I swear...the commercials are absolutely correct. It must really be a "totally organic" experience. As the swimming suits come off, there are two distinct reactions over at the food table. Cirie is treating it like it's late night Cinemax. And Erik is sitting on the sidelines watching and wishing he could be in the middle of that sandwich. We can call this segment, "In which Padewan Erik realizes he still has a lot to learn from Master Ozzy." So everyone gets all cleaned up and full bellies and everyone's happy, right?


Well, wrong. Over at Airai, Kathy is finally having her breakdown. She's had enough rain. She can't handle being wet and cold all the time. It's nothing like what she's seen on TV. She hates it there, misses her family and is tired of eating raw clams because there's no fire. She has most definitely hit her breaking point. One more night in the cave with the bugs, bats and rats is about all she can take. She tells us that this is the stupidest thing she's ever done. The next morning, waterlogged and looking completely ragged, Kathy tells us that she got no sleep the night before and is no longer feeling a connection with her family. So she gathers up Alexis, Natalie, Parvati and Eliza and tells them that she's done and that she can't be there any more. She's bawling, as usual, hoping that they won't hate her for leaving. They try to talk her down, but in all honesty, they don't try too hard. This type of emotional breakdown on a daily basis has got to be rough on the rest of the tribe. Sure, you don't want to lose your numeric advantage, but you also can't have someone constantly bringing the team down with talks of how miserable she is.

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