Survivor: Micronesia - Fans Vs Favorites

Like a Wide-Eyed Kid in the Candy Store

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 25, 2008

I miss Chet!

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Probst sighting! Jeff comes to the beach and asks her what's going on. She says she just can't do it anymore, she's homesick and this has been horrible. He tells her he's not there to talk her into staying but he wants to know what happened. She says that she's been doing this for all the wrong reasons and for everyone else. She says this is the first decision she's made for her. And with that, Jeff has her pack her things and she jumps on a boat and becomes the eighth person out of Survivor: Fans Vs. Favorites. As she heads in to the sunset, Alexis reminds us that the game is still on and that with the sun going down, they need a fire and water and food. And there it is in a nutshell, the meaning of life on Survivor. Sure, you hate to see someone break down like that and leave the game, but tick tock, sun's going down and we still have to get dinner on the table.

We come back from break to Malakal beach and Cirie and Amanda are talking about Ozzy. Amanda is starting to see the arrogant side of Ozzy. As Ami joins them, the talk turns to Ozzy and Erik's fascination with him. Cirie begins discussions of booting Erik. They all agree that Ozzy won't vote for him, but Amanda is on board. If Cirie, Amanda and Ami join forces, Erik could easily take that walk.


As the tribes come into the Immunity challenge, Jeff introduces the new Airai tribe and announces that Kathy has left the game. They bring in the Exile folks and Jeff explains it all. Now, to the challenge (see? Life goes on.) Today's challenge has one person running out across a bridge into the water dragging a long rope with them. When they get to the end, they will connect the rope to a set of puzzle pieces and the rest of the tribe will then crank them back to shore. Once the tribe has all five sets of puzzle pieces, they must make a puzzle that will be a perfect square. Survivors ready?

Naturally, Ozzy starts off for Malakal against Eliza for Airai. Not so naturally, Eliza stays pretty much in step with Ozzy. But Ozzy is much quicker getting his pieces connected and pulled back to shore. Ozzy heads back out for a second set of pieces and Jason heads out for Airai. Ozzy chooses Erik to go out for the 3rd set as Jason finally gets pulled back. Parvati heads out for bundle three and Ozzy heads back out for number four. As Parvati struggles to get her pieces, Ozzy has almost caught her. And he heads back out for the final piece as Natalie heads out for piece bundle number four. He actually laps her and has Cirie and Amanda working on the puzzle as Eliza heads out for the fifth piece for Airai. Eliza makes it back and she and Jason take over the puzzle duties. Malakal has a huge lead built up, but Eliza is the puzzle master. Will she have enough to catch up with the big lead of Malakal? As Cirie and Amanda struggle, Jason and Eliza gel and really get to work on their puzzle. After several minutes of flipping and weaving, Eliza and Jason find themselves with a perfect square and another Airai immunity win.

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