Survivor Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites

It Hit Everyone Pretty Hard

By Jim Van Nest

March 18, 2008

Chet sucks, so we're putting a photo of Jonathan here instead.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to Survivor: Emergency Fans Vs. Favorites. Previously on Survivor: they dropped their buffs, fans mingled with favorites, Jonathan got a hole in his knee, Ami twisted hers, Chet got a bump on the head, Parvati got a fat lip and Joel took a knife in his back. Joel is definitely out of the game. The question is whether any of the aforementioned injuries claim a second victim. Let's get right to it.

We begin at the Malakal beach right after Tribal. As Ozzy stokes the fire, Eric tells us how shocked he was about the vote. He's feeling pretty alone with his lone alliance mate taken out of the game. He tells us that it appears that the playing field has been lowered to lying to people's faces; he might just have to do some of that. Finally! Rather than sitting around whining about liars and integrity, a player finally figures out that in the game of Survivor, you have to fight fire with fire.

We come back from the opening to Malakal beach the next day. Chet and Tracy are talking about their successful strategy last night. But Tracy is concerned about being down 4-3 now against the Favorites. Tracy and Eric are talking and she tells him that she thinks he's next to go. Which hasn't actually been discussed, but who cares, right? She tells him that they just need to get one Favorite to vote with them and make the numbers even again. We cut to Tracy approaching Ami. Ami tells us she feels like Tracy has given up. She tells Tracy she needs to keep on going. She was in the same place at the old Favorites tribe. She tells us that it might be time to look into something with the Fans.


We get our first look at Airai and it's centering on Jonathan. James asks him about the knee and he says it's hurting. James is worried about losing Jonathan because he's an important part of the tribe. Penner and Eliza talk about the switch and how they got the sucky beach, but they have the better tribe. Their plan is to gain the trust of the fans and work on booting Parvati and James as soon as possible.

Probst sighting!! Malakal comes in without Joel and the Airai tribe just laughs it up - 'cause they know they have an easier time ahead of them. For this challenge, each tribe has a tunnel made out of logs and branches. On Jeff's go, they'll all swim out to a platform where they'll get bundles of planks, sticks and rope. They'll swim it back to shore and have ten minutes to make blockades in the other tribe's tunnel. After those ten minutes, they'll switch to their own tunnel and begin tearing down the blockades. The first tribe to get all seven members of their tribe through the tunnel and onto their mat wins reward. Wanna know what they're playing for? The winning tribe will be visited by two native Micronesians. These guys will teach them to fish, gather food and basically give them a crash course on how to live a much better camp life with the items that surround them. Also, the winning tribe will select someone to go to Exile Island. Airai has to sit someone out. All eyes turn to Jonathan, but he tells them he thinks he can be valuable in designing the blockade. So they decide to sit out Natalie. Survivors ready?

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