Survivor Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites

It Hit Everyone Pretty Hard

By Jim Van Nest

March 18, 2008

Chet sucks, so we're putting a photo of Jonathan here instead.

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Today's challenge will require stepping poles. The tribes will have to transport two members from one platform to another by way of two stepping poles. The tribe will hold the poles and balance the two members as they slowly work their way across the water. Once both members have crossed, the whole tribe of seven will have to swim out to a tiny platform where they'll all have to balance with both feet on or above the platform. First tribe to all be standing on the platform wins immunity.

As the tribes head to their walking poles, there are two distinct strategies at play. As the Malakal tribe plays it straight and by the intended rules. The Airai tribe takes a different approach. They get Eliza on the pole and James just carries the pole while the rest of the tribe is there for balance. Eliza gets across in no time. Meanwhile Malakal is struggling and are about halfway across with Tracy. Airai brings Parvati next and as they get to the second platform, Parvati falls backwards and has to go back to the start. This gives Malakal a breath of life. Airai begins again and Parvati is finally on the platform and they head out to the balance platform. As they swim, Malakal finally gets Tracy across. But it really doesn't matter as Airai balances on their pole and wins their fourth consecutive challenge since the tribal switch.


Naturally, we come back from break to the Malakal tribe. They're discussing Jonathan leaving the game. They're all pretty bummed. Coming in to interrupt the conversation is Chet telling them to please vote him out as his foot is hurting so bad and he wants to get it fixed. Ozzy tells us about Chet and says he has no problem voting Chet out. "Was there any question anyways?" Of course, Tracy and Erik are thinking it would be better if Chet would hang around for one more vote, they could get rid of either Cirie or maybe Ozzy. They figure that if they completely blindside Ozzy, he may not play the idol, if he has it. So they go to Chet and Ami with their plan. They offer a very heartfelt plea to get rid of Ozzy. Ami tells us that she's not sure about the Ozzy vote, but she knows she'll have to take care of him at some point. What follows next is a two minute begging session that ends with Chet telling them he'll think about it. Chet tells us that he's hurting pretty bad and that he'll think about it, but he really wants to go.

So we get to Tribal and the first question is for Cirie. He asks about Penner's exit and how hard this game is. She and Ozzy both say they're surprised that it was enough to pull him out of the game. Next up, Jeff heads to Erik and asks about Jason's comment that Ozzy has the immunity idol. Erik says that he wouldn't put it past Ozzy to have the idol, based on his past. Jeff asks Cirie about it. She says that she doesn't necessarily believe it and that Jason could have the idol and is trying to play it off like Ozzy has it. Jeff asks Ozzy about it and all he says is that he's not the one going home tonight. They all know who's going home tonight, so he's not worried about it at all. He says that Chet is going home tonight and that if someone votes any other way, he has no business being there. Oh dear. Anytime someone is this cocky and outright arrogant, they are the one going home. Jeff goes to Chet who just says that there always seems to be the obvious choice to go home, but they usually don't. Jeff moves on to Amanda and asks her if she thinks twice about everything you here. She says that she's learned that if you ever feel comfortable, you're probably the one going home, so she never feels comfortable. And now it's time to vote.

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