Survivor Micronesia: Fans Vs. Favorites

It Hit Everyone Pretty Hard

By Jim Van Nest

March 18, 2008

Chet sucks, so we're putting a photo of Jonathan here instead.

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We go back to Malakal and they're reeling from yet another defeat. The Favorites are talking about how useless the Fans are on their tribe. They feel the Fans aren't pulling their weight in challenges. Cirie complains that she doesn't want to teach them how to play the game, too, all the while trying to play her own game. All of the fan bashing starts to finally get to Ami and she tells us that maybe it's time to give them a chance. She goes to Tracy and suggests they might want to dump Cirie. Tracy jumps on the chance to get Ami to their side and cause a 4-3 advantage on her side. She tells Tracy that she's really putting her neck on the line by making this move and that she damn well better have her loyalty. "Take care of me, you guys, cause I'm really sticking my neck out there." The next talk turns to whether or not Jason will find the idol, because you know Chet ain't doing anything out there. Ozzy's kinda hoping that Jason finds and falls for the fake idol.

Which brings us to Exile Island. Chet tells Jason that he thinks Ozzy has the idol so he's not going to even bother looking. Jason tells Chet that he's gonna go search anyway. Chet then tells us that he has a bad cut on his foot from some coral and that he's happy to just hang around and let his foot heal a little. As Jason follows the clues, he finally comes up on the resting place of the hidden idol. He seems a little thrown off because the idol doesn't look like much. But he's still feeling excited that he has the idol and Ozzy doesn't.


We come back to the Airai tribe as they come up on a couple crabs taking the bait and walking into the crab traps. We then join the feast as Joe helps them cook up all the crabs and fish they caught over the course of the day.

As the tribes come in to the immunity challenge, Jeff breaks the news about Jonathan having to leave. The Malakal Favorites seem pretty bummed out. Jeff goes on to let everyone know that he was taken to the hospital, had surgery and the wound was cleaned out and he's doing just fine. So, the tribes are back even at 7 to 7. Jonathan's evacuation will not stop the challenge today or the Tribal Council and vote to follow. So this becomes a pretty important challenge to both sides. He then asks Chet and Jason if they looked for the idol. In an attempt to throw off the scent, Jason announces that he sort of gave up looking for the idol because he thinks Ozzy already has it. Ozzy plays it off by suggesting that maybe Jason isn't very good at following clues. All trash talk aside, let's get to the challenge, shall we?

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